Date: 26th January 2011 at 12:29pm
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Unless you’ve been living on a different planet you can’t helped to have noticed that every United fans least favourite former Evertonian has been given the Spanish archer from Sky Sports- for doing his best 1950’s pub comedian impression.

Gray is not alone in his misdemeanor as he was joined by the previously hairy handed Richerd Keys in making the silly comments about women not understanding the offside rule. They’ve also been joined by the uber-annoying Andy “two phones” Burton who’s been relieved of his commentating duties for tonight after making a rather innocuous comment about female linesman -or should that be ‘linesperson’ being ‘a bit of a looker.’

Burton didn’t actually make the statement he merely commented on what the cameraman had told him, but I’m not going to get into that one now as to be honest I’d rather see him sacked as his “I’ve got Gary Cook on the blower”- type comments infuriate me.

The burning question is are Keys and Gray really sexist or just a victim of political correctness gone wrong? Another question remains over Keys’ future, as he still awaits Sky’s verdict on his career.

Gray was apparently sacked not for his recent comments but for ones he made several months ago to Charlotte Jackson. Here’s a video of that cringe worthy incident and another one which should give us an indication of the ‘boys club’ that exists at Sky, of which Richard Keys is obviously a part of.

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Andy Gray – the reason he was sacked video.

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One response to “Andy Gray & Richard Keys -sexist? (videos)”

  1. Crispin says:

    I’ve never had a liking for his commentating and i was hoping he got fired and now he did get fired i’m happy