Date: 11th February 2011 at 3:09am
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Proof United and City fans can actually get along

Proof United and City fans can actually get along

With all the furore surrounding David May’s 35 Years blog post- or whatever on earth it was, it’s good to see our less successful friends from Stockport’s most loved club can always be relied upon to go one better- or should that be bitter?

Man City groundsman Ged Coyne was forced to close down his facebook site by the club after he used it to post anti-United, obscene messages and comments which referred to United as ‘scum’ as well as various remarks about Sir Alex Ferguson and Gary Neville.

Coyne also claimed that The United Nights event was cancelled due to the fact that: “Manchester is blue and City fans were not only gonna storm Walkabout [where it was due to be held] but burn the sh*thole down.”

Needless to say Mr Coyne’s antics did not go down too well with the City hierarchy who have recently released a pamphlet to employees explaining what is and what is not acceptable behaviour when it comes to social networking ‘banter.’

The thing about Coyne’s pathetic attempt to try and elevate his site from all the other City fans’ pages which are all over facebook and almost exclusively dedicated to criticising United is that due to his official capacity as a groundsman, it’s caused City something of an embarrassment. The Telegraph stated that Coyne had: “posted foul-mouthed insults, none of which can be repeated by this newspaper.”

The Guardian website had the headline: “Manchester City Employee Uses Facebook for United Hate Campaign” With a sub-heading: “City move quickly to difuse embarrassment.”

Greater Manchester Police have been trying to avoid either club  causing any extra tensions between the two sets of fans. Every United fans’ favourite Argentinean Carlos Tevez has been warned about making any inflammatory comments before tomorrow’s game.

United fans have had their own form of censoring with the cancellation of the United Nights event, as Police feared their could be trouble if City fans decided to gatecrash the event.

Last season both the Premier League and Carling Cup derbies at Old Trafford saw some form of trouble between the rival fans- although mostly is was between Craig Bellamy and United fans- GMP are understandably concerned there could be more.

Although the early kick-off is arguably seen as a way to stop fans getting hammered before the game and causing trouble, every fan knows there’s always a chance their could be some fireworks after the match- particularly if a lot of fans descend on the City Centre for post-match drinks.

Coyne’s actions have been defended as “banter” which was exactly the term used to describe David May’s post about the 35 years celebration. It seems you cannot have one rule for United and another one for City and the closing of Coyne’s page means City cannot take the moral highground when it comes to what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

Personally I think United should have left Patrice Evra to deal with Coyne and his infantile postings as we all know he’s a dab hand at diplomacy when it comes to opposing groundsmen.

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5 responses to “Man City Groundsman Ordered To Close Anti-United Facebook Page”

  1. cockney Red says:

    City are the first football club to crack down on this sort of thing, even the guy who cuts the grass.

    Good for them. That’s what being owned by a royal family does for you.

    Maybe we will get our house in order when the Qatari royal family buy us. I’m praying that whoever writes the tripe on this site isn’t a utd employee.

  2. bluemoon says:

    oh ruby – kenny rogers

    You’ve pucker’ed up your lips and curled your thinning hair .
    Rooney are you contemplating going out somewhere?
    The Shadow on the wall tells me a Gran is going down –
    Oh Roo-oooo-ney
    Don’t take Coleen to town

  3. G-man says:

    Who cares what City’s tea-Lady thinks?

  4. Helen Adams says:

    I feel sorry for this guy. There’s no harm in him, I’ve even spoken to him on facebook. He’s just a complete and utter fruitcake…that’s it!