Date: 12th February 2011 at 10:08am
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Could Manchester United be the next football giant to find itself in Qatari hands?

Could Manchester United be the next football giant to find itself in Qatari hands?

The rumours of a mega bucks take over of Manchester united just don’t seem to being going away.

1. Is there any truth in them?

This is the question I believe all United fans around the world would like to know the answer to, rumour has it that a Qatari group of billionaires want to buy the club. I personally believe these stories could be true due to the fact they just don’t go away.

2. What sort of fees are they talking about?

The reported fees that are being talked about are in the region of £1.6bn with some rumours this morning saying that the fee for the club could rise to as much as £2.5bn for arguably the biggest club in world football. I’m sure the amounts  being talked about have put a huge smile on the faces of the Glazers with what a massive profit this will give them.

3. What would this mean for the club?

Financially this sort of takeover would be brilliant for the club as we would be debt free, could compete in the current transfer Market with the likes of Chelsea and the noisy neighbours from eastlands this will mean that united would become possibly the most powerful club in world football, with the new rules coming in where a club can only spend the equivalent of there turnover this would put united at the very top of football. United’s current standing of 3rd highest turnover in the game means only Real Madrid and Barcelona are ahead of us.

In my opinion if the takeover went ahead United would be the most dominant club in the world- at least from a money-wise point of view -with a turnover that will meet all the new FIFA regulations plus the financial backing from Qatar would mean that Sir Alex can go and show some serious muscle in the transfer market. Maybe a big name midfielder possibly a Sneijder, Bale or even though some may laugh this off Charlie Adam. There is also the Goal keeper situation with Van Der Sar hanging up the gloves at the end of the season United and Sir Alex will need to be very clever in the transfer market in the summer and a takeover of such figures will help this along very nicely, possibly Reina, De Gea or even Manuel Neuer with all these names in the pot Sir Alex will need a large war chest of around £80 mil.

Hopefully if this kind of takeover does happen I pray that the new consortium leave the footballing side to Sir Alex although the Glazers do have there critics I have to say that I personally believe that the Glazers have done a great job since their takeover of the club they have brought in players when needed they stayed out of all footballing matters and they have brought in some of the highest sponsors in sport history. It remains to be seen if a takeover of this magnitude will be good for the clubs lets watch this space.

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  1. RedScot says:

    Be careful what you wish for.?

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    enjoy your demise. lol