Date: 28th February 2011 at 5:37am
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And the Academy Award for best picture goes to......

And the Academy Award for best picture goes to......

With the 83rd Academy Awards having just ended and Britain showing the Yanks how it’s done when it comes to acting and making films, it seems it’s time to hand out our very own Manchester United ‘Oscars.’

There have been certain players this season that deserve the recognition of their peers, so we at Redflagflyinghigh felt it only fair to make up a few awards- and their recipients all in the name of humour- with a little bit of truth thrown in of course.

So without further ado welcome to the RFFH Annual Manchester United Oscars, here’s a list of winners and the reason we felt they were worthy of their accolades.

Best Actor– Nani, there was only ever one winner here, Mr Da Cunha may be the most naturally talented footballer in the league but he’s also the most theatrical. When he’s not throwing himself all over the floor with delirious abandonment he’s gesticulating like a overexcited sign language teacher. His theatrics are now so well known and tiresome that despite it being a disaster if he was to get injured for The Reds, every time he falls to the floor, shouts of “Get Up!” Or mere eye rolling and sighing can be seen and heard all over Old Trafford.

Best Director, Paul Scholes. He may be 36 years old but the Ginger Prince can still orchestrate any game he plays in with the assured confidence of seasoned conductor. Whether he picking out passes other men wouldn’t have the vision to dream off let alone enact, or slowing or raising the tempo of a game as though he’s got the sky plus remote, when it comes to directing a football match, there’s no body better.

Best Original Score. Although it was close with the 3-2 against Liverpool being a strong contender, it has to be the 7-1 at home to Blackburn for the sheer non-stop bravado goal fest of it all. Berbatov may have won all the plaudits for his five goals- and rightly so- but who can forget the contribution of both Anderson and Wayne Rooney who were immense.

Best Picture- Rooney’s celebration against City at Old Trafford. The sight of the supposedly once Eastlands bound Rooney stood arms aloft in front of the away fans was arguably the most memorable snapshot of the season. In fact Rooney could have won the award twice for the picture of the ball leaving his boot- not his shin!- as he overhead kicked it into the City net.

Best [player] in a supporting role. Who’s been the best of the fringe players this season? Chris Smalling may have made a late bid and Ji-Sung Park is arguably the most vital squad member of the past two years, but there’s only one man who can really honestly be considered. Chicharito has shown that it is still possible to find a bargain in the transfer market. He’s also shown that being mint and scoring loads of goals doesn’t mean you have to act like a Prima Donna who demands a starting place every game. Chicharito’s happy to play whenever he’s called upon and United fan’s are always more than happy to see him.

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  1. MyCow says:

    Haha. Really cool ! Something diff from this hectic season for United.