50 Things We Learned From The Arsenal Game….

25. I knew Fergie got his team spot on, said it all along, didn’t doubt him for one minute *blushes.

24. Right, this is a joke, seriously, I’m not being funny but maybe we should give Fulham a few more quid cos I’m actually beginning to feel guilty.

23. I’d forgotten how quick Valencia was on the wing! Him and Hernandez are going to rip defences apart!

22. Van Persie’s done extremely well today, he’s heard every whistle and funnily enough not used his right foot…..mmm.

21, Why does Fergie always make me look like a right weapon? He did the same to me in 2008. “No Ronaldo! Fletcher starting!” Then again a year later. “Whaat?! Giggs and Fletcher on their own in midfield?”  Now it’s a third time- well more like a few hundred.

20. If SAF says he wants to play the tea lady who am to complain,the sun shines out of his behind!!! Lol

19. Wazza! All is forgiven! He’s having a stormer!!

18. This has to severely hurt the Gunners, hopefully this poor run they’re on will continue into the league and if it does. That 19th title is ours.

17. Chris Foy. That’s the referee today, believe it or not I’ve only just realised, that’s the first game in ages I haven’t been screaming at the man in the middle after only a few minutes.

16. Valencia only back 5mins and Rooney is scoring good goals!! Loving it!!

15. Typical from both sides. Arsenal playing well but unable to score. Man Utd not playing their best but find themselves 2 up.

14. I think Wenger must already be dreading our visit to the Emirates, we could put Mickey Phelan up front with Rachel Riley on the wing and I’d still fancy us for at least a one-nil.

13. Tom Cleverley > Aaron Ramsey.

12. “Bit of class from the United fans clapping off, Johan Djourou, no one likes to see any player get an injury like that.

11. Scholes’ due a booking.

10. Scholes’ just been booked for going through the back of that lad who used to score goals.

9. Nasri you little weasel, don’t start getting brave! Nemanja should just deck him, the little rat. Bet Evra was quaking in his boots when he saw his name on the team sheet. Muppet.

8. Dear Sir Alex Ferguson,

I would like to apologise profusely for my short-sighted, ramblings regarding your team selection.

Your faithfully,

Inn of Good Hope Pub,


7. Not seen this much stoppage time since Bloomfield road, ah well gotta be expected really considering, let’s just hope there’s not total capitulation to ruin my next Friday night.

6. Scholes, may have the tackling ability William Prunier wearing a blindfold, after a pint of vodka, but he’s still one of the greatest passers of a football anywhere in the world.

5. Obertan and Bebe may never get in the team again but they shouldn’t worry they’ve both got new tracks on their iPods.

4. Not as one sided as some people have said, after all how many top saves did VDS make? But let’s face facts this is far and away the best United performance since the first half at Stamford Bridge, so I’m not complaining.

3. Michael Carrick absolute disgrace, yet again, not one forward pass, even Gibson saw more of the ball.

2. “Thanks you to our amazing fans for coming today.you were great as always!We dominated the game 2day but failed to score which is not gd enuf”- can someone please tell Jack Wilshere that winners don’t use drugs, just ask Kolo.

1. Players rested for Marseille, good team performance, another goal for Rooney, trip to Wembley, many a great save, from Edwin but for me this game will all be about a certain Mexican gentleman who makes me wee a little bit every time he plays. Class.

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