Date:7th March 2011 at 2:47am
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Nani argues with Phil Dowd

Not really the turning point but a definite talking one.

….Via the angry Red social network.

Sunday’s game at Anfield was arguably the worst result since March 14th 2009, a date which is forever etched into my memory.

Such was my despair an objective analysis of the game was beyond me, thankfully Zayd, stepped in and did a wonderful ‘Five Things We Learned’ . As was the case with the Chelsea game I was more content to scour the forums, tweets and Facebook comments, which I felt perfectly summed up the travesty that took place at Anfield.

If you spot anything you’ve posted, commented or tweeted during or after the game on our list, believe me it’s just a coincidence- honest.

1. Matches may as well be refereed by a panel in the camera room up in the stands. Games would last 3 hours, at least we’d get correct decisions. I’m sick of it.

2. When the only two decent United players on the pitch have a combined age of 72 something’s desperately wrong.

3. Nani actually hurt.

4. Weak f*cking refs, typical. After all that has gone on this week with United and Arsenal, now we get this.

5. Our players hassling the ref is getting to be embarrassing.

6. Well,  we kind of knew the defence was going to be bad after vida got sent off, but this has been mostly shambolic.

7. Suarez! Get your hands of Rafael! How dare you! Typical Scouser already.

8. Wayne Rooney, is useless on the left wing, he’s done nothing and has no left foot.

9. Every game  Nani pulls off some cringeworthy bit of grovelling around. Thats was a nasty tackle and Im sure he is badly hurt there but to get up and go over to the ref and then toss himself to the ground like he had been hit by a sniper was pathetic.

10. Why are people blaming Michael Carrick it’s not all his fault the entire team’s been abysmal.

11. Darron Gibson go and jump of a bloody bridge, yet another anonymous performance, you should be bloody ashamed. Can’t even think of one useful thing he did all game.

12. “Park Park wherever you may be…..”

13. Phil Dowd’s gone down in my estimation thought he was up there with the Howard Webb’s of this world but he’ actually down there with the Martin Atkinsons.

14. If only Michael Owen was playing then he would have won us the game, in between shaking hands with his best mate Carragher and waving to the Kop.

15. We need to fix up before the Arsenal game. The wheels could seriously start coming off.

16. Rooney and Carrick have been beyond terrible.

17. This isn’t as bad as 1992 , it much much more painful that day.

18. What was the point in giving Michael Carrick a long-term ccontract? We may as well have given Owen Hargreaves a 10 year deal!

19. Carrick’s mint as a squad player for lesser teams but there’s no way he can cope in the big matches.

20. Chicharito is a machine, well done son for saving United’s blushes and at least making the scoreline look less embarassing.

21. Why do we have Rafael, if we can only rely on him until he gets booked?

22. Fergie’s locked the players in the dressing room? Any chance he could keep some of them there?

23. It was a bad call but we shouldn’t be relying on teams going down to ten man to be able to beat them.

24. It’s not Wes Brown’s fault but this could be the end of his United career.

25. No Fletcher? Can’t understand that one, not enough muscle in midfield with just Carrick and Scholes. Plus with a makeshift centreback pairing he could provide a bit more protection.

26. Carrick: “There you go son, just go past me.”

27. Please god don’t let Nani be out for long, we need him if we’re to have any hope in the Champion’s League.

28. What a joke! Nani’s injury could cost us the title. Last season Gerrard cheated us out of it, now this season it’s Carragher.

29. Martin Atkinson and Mark Clattenburg should both send Phil Dowd a big bunch of flowers for taking all the heat off them. If they give me his address, I’ll deliver them.

30. There’s simply no excuses for a Dirk Kuyt hat-trick, the defence need to take a look at themselves.

31. Is anyone else a litle bit concerned over Evra’s form lately, he just doens’t seem the same as usual?

32. They say “even a broken clock is right twice a day” well even VDS makes two mistakes during a season.

33. Whatever happened to 4-5-1 for the big games? I feel it’s time to bring it back.

34. Our CM situation is embarrassing these days isn’t it. Scholes is all we have, Carrick shouldn’t be near the first team. I’d love to see how many games Carrick would get for Arsenal or Chelsea.

35. I’d like to apologise for calling Nani a p*ssy, it looks like a really bad injury.

36. How can a man as experienced as Sir Alex ferguosn be so tactically naive?

37.Any chance we can recall Cleverley early? Or how about giving Pogba a first team chance?

38. Wazza, that foot’s for standing on mate, cannot believe one of the world’s top players can only use his right foot.

39. Ravel Morrison, Paul Pogba, Ryan Tunnicliffe & Paul Mcguinness Were In The Away End For Todays Match.

40. Get Gary Neville on – at least he’s got a bit of passion and pride.

41. I think Fergie should make the players watch a film of this game, over and over again.

42. I’m proper worried now, there’s only 18 points between us and Liverpool.

43. Smalling may feel bad after today, but he did ok, it’s not his fault he’s thrown in the deep end with a bunch of overpaid lazy, spineless cretins who think all they have to do is show up.

44. If we’d have drawn against Wigan, Liverpool and Chelsea as was our early season away form, it wouldn’t feel that bad. The fact of the matter is this is par for the course from United away from home this season.

45. Wonder if knee high challenge gate, will get as much press coverage as elbow gate?

46. Well done Butch Wilkins: “Worst tackle of the season.” Spot on.

47. That’s done it. Now Steven Gerrard’s gonna have as many Premier League title wins as I do.

48. Why can’t any of our players take a free kick? Bring back Ronnie.

49. Fergie’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, whats the point in talking to the media when you not allowed to speak the truth.

50. We’re still top of the league and it’s still in our hands, although to be honest I think we can forget about winning anything in Europe.

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