Date: 2nd March 2011 at 3:28am
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"So remind me again, what's this thing for?"

"So remind me again, what's this thing for?"

...From the angry Red Social Network.

United’s miserable run at Stamford Bridge continues as despite taking the lead thanks to a wonderful Wayne Rooney strike, The Reds were defeated by a David Luiz goal, followed later on in the game by a Frank Lampard penalty.

Normally this would be a time where I’d review the match listing ‘Five Things We’d Learned’ from it. This time round however, such was the venom, anger, fury and any other word you wish to describe rage being shown almost unanimously by many United fans on practically every social newtork available, RFFH thought it might be useful to turn to these to find out where Sir Alex’s team went wrong and what we’ve learned.

If you spot anything you’ve posted, commented or tweeted during or after the game on our list, believe me it’s just a coincidence- honest.

1. We’re going to have to beat Arsenal at the Emirates.

2. Atkinson has now given Chelsea FIVE penalties and Utd NONE

3. Still 4 points clear!

4. Other really bad bit: evras position for 1st goal. It’s his main weakness. Crosses in box & him being static.

5. We were naive, should of been stronger in the centre,trading blows played into Chlsea’s hands,our midfield was not strong enough,lost control.

6. Fooking Gibsons gotta go, did fook all again tonite, what a joke! When will Fergie see sense?

7. Man United have an unchanged line up for first time in 165 matches in all competitions.

8. Looks like Wes and Smalling will be centre-half partnership at Anfield.

9. If Smalling stays still and doesnt move leg towards ball/player = NO pen

10. Exactly why is VDS retiring? Still brilliant.

11. After quite some time, a good away #mufc performance. The loss still stings, but a performance like that takes away a bit of the sting.

12. Chelsea’s record in League and Cup games­ refereed by Martin Atkinson: P-16 W-15 D-1 L-0 F-38 A-2.

13. Smalling was desperately unlucky with that penalty.

14. Hernandez substitution was wrong. He was pulling the Chelsea defenders all over the place, giving Rooney, Nani and Evra plenty of space. Berbatov’s static style suited Chelsea perfectly.

15. We played well but ran out of steam in the second half as Fletcher in particular lost his legs.

16. Atkinson. That is all.

17. An absolute disgraceful decision for the penalty. Underlines again referees ‘know the rules, but they don’t know the game.’

18. Anyone who’s moaned about referees favouring United in the past 3 days needs only to seen tonight how inaccurate that theory is

19. It was a penalty, he tripped the man, the ref agreed it was unintentional hence no card, no complaints on that decision.

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20. He’s a cheat, that’s what it is, using his legs for standing like some kind of…human.

21. This game has got too fast a tempo for Berbatov to shine.

22. Berba is not impact player- he needs to start!

23. City and Liverpool fans are clueless- a United win would’ve been better for you.

24. The referee needs shooting- Ashley pass me the rifle [a view in no way endorsed by RFFH of course].

25.  Someone entered the United dressing room at half time, and ripped out the players hearts. Absolutely let down by that 2nd half performance…hate saying Chelsea deserved it as this was our best chance in ages to get three points, but we came away with what we deserved.

26. Graham Poll: Atkinson got the big calls wrong and that cost United.

27. David Luiz is the luckiest man alive- apart from Kenny Daglish of course who managed to get £50 million quid for Torres.

28. Last three games against Chelsea the referee helped them beat us. Called a foul on Fletcher and Terry scored ast season, Drogba offside goal at Old Trafford., now David Luiz.

29. Anfield is must-win as is Chelsea at home and Arsenal away. Those three games decide the title.

30. Darren leave the shooting to Carrick..oh I mean erm……………

31. If it wasn’t for Chris Smalling United would be in deep, deep sh*t this Sunday.

32. Sideshow Bob has scored!

33. Amazing that Ashley Cole is no longer the most annoying full back at Stamford Bridge.

34. Chelsea are typical of all mid-table teams, raising their game for United.

35. Hernandez looked out of his depth, played a lovely through ball after about 5 mins and promptly disappeared.

36. Chicharito should’ve been sub, he’s much more of an impact player than Berbatov, even starting all three -with Rooney- would’ve been better than dropping Berba.

37. Nani’s theatrics grew more tiresome as the game wore on, even if he was given a bit of a kicking by Ivanovic.

38. Ancelotti’s coat is a disgrace. Although it is better than Wenger’s bubble jacket.

39. Wanted: Central midfielder who can perform for 90 minutes and score the ocassional goals will pay cash or trade two other midfielders.

40. Park Park wherever you may be…………please hurry back!

41. Why didn’t Nani come out for the second half?

42. Blow your whistle ref- put is out of our f*cking misery!!

43. No Vidic no Rio no chance.

44. For once I actually feel slightly happy after an away game, okay we were robbed but that’s the point we played Chelsea off the park for most of the game. Bring on the scousers.

45. Live by the sword die by the sword, two players scored tonight who shouldn’t have been on the pitch and Frank Lampard was not one of them.

46. Can’t believe John Terry didn’t take the penalty. What is wrong with him?

47.  Berbatov has had his best season so far, but is still hit and miss – over half of those 15 goals at Old Trafford came in TWO games, the rest have been spread out over a dozen or more games.

48. Neville: “Wazzaaa!!!!”

49. If United had kept Essien, we’d have literally won every trophy for the past six years.

50. It could be worse you could be scouse…..

So there you have it, a perfect summary of the evening’s events and the consequences of them. If you think I’ve made any startling omissions please feel free to comment.

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7 responses to “50 Things We Learned From United V Chelsea….”

  1. man says:

    51.ARSENALS titile to loose

  2. Baldrick says:

    51. Luiz got away with murder. Three ropey challenges with NO attempt to play the ball. Should have been sent off.

  3. thomas says:

    52. Remember the Champions League semi at Emirates? Hopefully we can pull that off again. O’Shea can pull out some magic again at Anfield.

    Oh and remember Chelsea at Old Trafford just before Scolari went after a crap season? Hopefully Ancelotti’s gonna go in the Summer and that’ll be a similar revisit.

    Even if all fails, Arsenal are still going to drop points – they’re Arsenal after all; Martins goal in the Carling Cup confirmed this. Liverpool and Chelsea will be fighting for the Mickey Mouse Champions League anyway come the end.

  4. zianfrancogola says:

    bit rich for a man u fan to be moaning about decisions not going their way.

  5. Nik says:

    You missed my Fletcher has finally returned to Auditorium tweet! 🙂

    • Justin Mottershead says:

      Ha ha! If I include your tweets it certainly isn’t the ‘angry red social network’ as you were an oasis of calm, rational perspective during the entire game.

  6. Nik says:

    I dont think those on twitter claiming I was purposefully being ‘contrary’ actually know me well! I simply say it how I see it, always have always will.

    Cheers mate, keep up the good work!