United fans in 1994

Remember when it was eight quid for the Scoreboard paddock- four for a junior!

If reports are to be believed and admittedly that’s a massive ‘if’ then Sir Alex Ferguson will be handed a transfer war chest large enough to buy Joleon Lescott, Emmanuel Adebayor, James Milner and Mario Balotelli.

However, while you’d arguably be better off torching £100 million than spending it on that quartet of overrated donkeys, there are a lot of players out there who could improve United’s squad.

Ashley Young, Jack Rodwell, Jordan Henderson and Luka Modric have all been touted as possible United targets and if Sir Alex were to decide to buy all four he’d probably end up forking out the same amount that City ‘invested’ in their glorious aforementioned foursome.

I’ve argued in previous articles that I, unlike many of my friends and fellow Reds, do not feel United need to spend any money in the Summer on new players- well certainly not to the degree that’s been suggested. For Ashley Young, see Ravel Morrison, for Jack Rodwell see Paul Pogba, for Jordan Henderson see Darron Gibson for Luka Modric see Tom Cleverley.

I genuinely believe United already have the players on our books to challenge for honours next season- and yes I did say Darron Gibson earlier, amazing at it may sound that someone who’s watched Gibson regularly could actually advocate a policy of keeping him, but believe me given a chance I think he may still have a future- or at least be as worthwhile as Henderson would be if he were signed.

Yes I know that none of the players I’ve mentioned are anywhere near as experienced or proven as the ones touted to be signed, but then again David Beckham wasn’t as experienced as Darren Anderton- who Fergie considered signing in 1995, Nicky Butt was seen as a somewhat lesser replacement to Paul Ince, Paul Scholes wouldn’t be able to replicate the goals and influence of a Mark Hughes.

My faith in United’s youngsters may sound slightly deluded but I’ve watched United’s academy sides since the early nineties when you could go to Old Trafford for a quid as a youngster and see the likes of Ryan Giggs and Mark Bosnich learning their craft- to varying levels of success admittedly.  I’ve not been as excited about a group of young players since we had the class of ’92 and I’m sure that if Fergie were to stick his neck out somewhat he could save the club a fortune it doesn’t need to spend, at least not on players.

The point I’m making is that if Sir Alex doesn’t need to spend the money on players, rather than give it back to those kind deserving benevolent chaps that go by the name of the Glazer brothers why not give it back to the fans in the best possible way. Increase Old Trafford’s capacity.

Before you start screaming a list of reasons Old Trafford cannot be expanded allow me to give you a counter argument for every one.

£100 million. That’s the point I’m making, if United could invest £100 million in expanding the stadium then surely that would be enough to bump the capacity up by at least 8000. Would that be worth it?  Well if each seat was worth say £800 a season then it would probably take around 15 years for the full £100 million to be paid back. That’s of course saying the club could get rid of all those tickets which is by no means a guarantee. However even if it took that long or longer, it could be worth it in the long run and that’s what United is all about sustaining our place at the top of the food chain, or even raising it slightly.

Even Sir Alex had advocated stadium expansion in the past, stating:

“ I’m on to David all the time about expanding the stadium. I know what we could do with the main stand at both ends; we could build a structure up and across. We could do one corner at least and maybe get another 6,500 seats to take the total capacity to 83,000.”

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