Date: 11th March 2011 at 5:58pm
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Lionel Messi

Looks like will not heading to be

What is with the French and their penchant for the crazier side of life?

You only have to look at United’s two French to realise that while they are undoubtedly brilliant, there’s a somewhat quirky side that can often lead to trouble with the authorities. If it’s not getting suspended for battering a fan then it’s Patrice Evra all but ending his international career by causing some sort of mutiny at the world cup.

The latest Frenchman to display his wacky side, is C├ędric Enjolras, the president of FC Borne, a second division team in the Haute-Loire league. Enjolras thought it would be funny to put in a bid for World Footballer of the year Lionel Messi.

Unfortunately the French Football Federation didn’t see the funny side, and not only did they block the bid they also suspended Enjolras for six months.

The FC Borne president wasn’t too down hearted, he said:

R;To submit bids among small clubs, you need to fill out forms on the internet. I decided to register a bid so I typed the name Lionel Messi, his date of birth and his parent club into the system. Then the league transmitted the request to the federation. They were shocked by it and refused to send it to their Spanish counterparts. I have been suspended for six months, of which three are suspended. It was just a joke, to amuse friends.

R;I’m going to have spend three months in the bar.”

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