Date: 24th March 2011 at 12:17am
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The Glazers

"We're Man United, we'll sue who we want"

“Not arrogant just bitter” should be the motto of the Glazer family after the latest charade to emerge from their ever unpopular camp.

A fan who published a list of United’s corporate clients names and addresses on his website as part of the LUHG campaign is being sued by the club.

The Telegraph reports:

“United’s case states that Mr McKenna, of Greater Manchester, published the list in a campaign to stop companies renewing their membership in an attempt to put pressure on the unpopular Glazers, who took over at Old Trafford in 2005, to sell their stakes in the club.

“Despite a high-profile inquiry by United, revealed by Telegraph Sport last year, the club admitted in the High Court writ that they had not identified who supplied Mr McKenna with his information.

“However they are pursuing 44-year-old Mr McKenna for “losses and damages” they claim the club suffered as a result of its client information appearing on the website, the public face of anti-Glazer group United Supporters for Change.”

This heavy handed approach may be seen by some at the club that they mean business- if you’ll pardon the pun- when it comes to keeping their corporate clients details private, although it could galvanise the anti-Glazer brigade even more.

Although Redflagflyinghigh would never condone anyone that breaks the law, I’m sure we’re not the only ones who can understand how some fans feel boycotts and clothing aren’t enough to stop the club they love so dearly from going down such a dangerous path.

Mr McKenna may have been somewhat misguided in his actions, but there’s an admirable quality to  passionate protesters who are willing to use any means necessary for a cause they believe in- regardless of the personal consequences.

Surely it would be better for all concerned if United showed a little bit more understanding and less financial obsessiveness by trying to take money of someone who in all likelihood doesn’t have any.  Dialogue between the club and supporters groups is what is needed not legal action or even civil action.


3 responses to “Manchester United sue Anti-Glazer fan”

  1. Steve Crabtree says:

    They do themselves so many favours do that family, don’t they.

    If this list was deemed to be private, surely the club should be sued for allowing it to be leaked.

    Petty, annoying, and they wonder why the song “D*e, D*e Glazer, F**king d*e” is often hollowed…

  2. Glazers pls sell the club and make away with the profit and let us (man u) be in peace as we are before, since u people buy up the club with ur heavily debt, no more buying of world-class players and all we hear is losses of huge amount of money. Pls i beg u people in the name of God sell the club and leave man utd alone

  3. clair says:

    the lad should be proud of himself that the glazers are feeling the effects of the st boycott. Pretty desprate move to make by the glazers though.