Date: 17th March 2011 at 3:36pm
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Nani's leg after the horror tackle by Carragher

A booking.........*sigh

As quoted in various reports today Nani has vented his anger at how Jamie Carragher has injured him with two x-rated tackles.

The United winger was left needing stitches in a gash down his left shin after the disgraceful challenge from Carragher at Anfield which amazingly only earned the Liverpool player a booking.

Nani has been quoted as saying:

“The time I looked at my leg, I was thinking the season is finished for me”

‘That’s why I was crying. I don’t know what Carragher was thinking but I do know what he did was not football. He came to apologise to me but I said I was nothappy when he did me.

“If you ask anyone in football after they have suffered a tackle like that, they are not going to accept an apology especially as it’s the second year he’s taken me out.”

“Before he put me out of the game for two months. He always tackles like that.

“I don’t want protection. I just want the referees to be fair.”

I personally believe that Nani was right in coming out in the media and having
his say on the Carragher challenge, especially after what had happened in the
weeks before the game with the Rooney elbow saga.

I don’t understand why the United front man was hung out to dry by the media for a elbow on Wigan’s JamesMcCarthy, and such a disgraceful challenge that could have been career ending by Carragher on Nani can just pass them by.

That challenge for me was more violent than the Rooney elbow but it hasn’t even been barely mentioned in any of the media who seemed to concerned with criticising united at any given opportunity. Are the which hunters out for United? It seems to be the case is this because we are going along nicely in three competitions are they trying to ruin our chances of making more history for our great club? Or am I being paranoid? Feel free to comment below.

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21 responses to “Nani: “I Just Want Referees To Be Fair””

  1. Gremlins says:

    Well Carragher was man enough to own up and apologize. That Shrek just hide behind grumpy red nose.

    Man U fans are really blind when it comes to common sense. They seems to different sense of right & wrong.

    No one is giving excuses for Carragher not even Pool’s diehard fans.

    • Justin Mottershead says:

      What planet are you lot on? “It wasn’t Carragher’s intention to injure Nani”? Is that a joke?

      What did he think a knee high lunge would achieve? Or is he really, genuinely that crap at tackling?

      The best comment has to be “men who kung-fu-kicked people who came to actually watch the match” Jesus wept, you’re actually making Matthew Simmons out to be some sort of saint. It’s laughable.

      Good luck on Channel 5 tonight chaps, I’ll be watching the Champion’s league draw tomorrow with all the other United fans.

      Gonna be 19 titles soon….and that’s a fact!

  2. SAsp says:

    Now the little whinger has been allowed to speak by Sir?? let him have his say. I hope the FA to make referees fair, Manure will need to train with 9 men though as I don’t beleive they would finish many games playing with 11.

  3. Stephen Juniper says:

    If I thought this many Scousers were gonna get upset I would’ve posted this article a lot sooner.

    Nani was the victim of a disgusting foul that could’ve kept him out for the season.

    The fact he made a quick recovery is beside the point.

    What’s even worse about it all was the way England’s vice captain stood over the injured winger berating him.

    Classy actions from a classy player.

    Enjoy the Champions League, title run-in, FA Cup, FA youth cup, oh sorry I forgot.

    Ah well there’s always next season.

    • anteater says:

      Hm, I think that if you read carefully you’ll find that most, if not all Liverpool supporters who came here said that the foul was disgusting. What is your problem, Stephen? Do you have some kind of selective perception? Doesn’t it fit your agenda that supporters from another club admit that their player should have been sent off?

      Guess the England vice captain was not amused about Nani getting up, running to the ref and howling himself to the ground in front of the ref. I am very often not happy with the conduct of players from the club I support and concede it too. How about you?

  4. pooks says:

    Gerrard should have been banned for throwing the chelsea game last season.

    Liverpool are a club with history but nothing else. I can’t wait to see the new american owners become as hated as hicks n gillette were once the bubble burst.

    £35 million for carroll?! ha ha ha!!


  5. RedsFan says:

    Oh cry me a river! Build a bridge Nani! The reality is – nobody cares! Move on already…everyone else has!

  6. Red Mick says:

    You bin dipping bastards are the biggest bunch of hypocrites going!! Rooneys elbow was bad and warranted a red card, however, it wasnt as vicious as Stevie Me’s elbow on Danny Welbeck this season.

    Nani does dive and playact, and it bugs the hell out of me…..but again, your team of angels don’t do that!! (again, stevie me!!)

    Who u lot got in ur channel 5 cup by the way? I stopped watching the draw after United came out, in the european cup!!

  7. sunnyy says:

    I totally agree with u nani but all those hypocrites would not bcause they are not for the good fo game,and i think jemie should ve band for four games instead fo a yellow and whats its the big deal if he nani is found of diving, I mean dont u all suport teams that have divers.