Nani: “Sir Alex Does Not Allow Me Freedom” Interview in Full

The vast majority of the goals you have achieved this season have been with both your right and left.

“When I was little I used to go to train alone, and sometimes I spent afternoons training, first right and then left. Trying to give the ball spin and make it strong. I’ve always wanted to improve and now when I see that I can score with both feet because it means I am proud that my work paid off.”

“Despite being completely different realities and demands, do you get with the United the same pleasure you felt when you played in the street with your friends?

“It’s different. When playing in the street with my friends I had no responsibility. This was pure pleasure and fun, we played just for us. Obviously now I try to enjoy the game but not always possible. There is a responsibility, requiring total concentration and pressure inherent in the competition. Here one can not fail.

But it is undeniable that there is some street soccer in your game …

“There is always something, is a natural heritage, but at United is not easy because Sir Alex does not pemit me to be so free. I can not do the dribbling and the things I did with my friends. But whenever I can, when the game is controlled, I take risks andĀ  I feel great joy even when things go wrong. I receive many compliments and letters, and it’s good to know that people like my game. But I always want more and I will fight for it.

“In the knockout round of the Champions League at the Velodrome, the OM fans followed him most of the game with a laser pointer. How did it affect you?

“It hardly affected me at all. In a corner kick bother me a bit in the eyes, but only that.

Consider the situation from another perspective. Did you feel special to have been ‘chosen’ by the fans of Marseille?

“That has already happened in most stadiums. Fans of rival clubs more pressure I believe that if they can destabilize the team will not perform well. There is this concern to try to determine who, in his opinion, is one of the strongest points of Manchester United.”

“It is undeniable that in the absence of Wayne Rooney it was largely your responsibility to lead United to success. Do you feel one of the major players in the team?

“I have the confidence of the coach and my teammates, who are giving me that responsibility and encourage me before the game to load with the team. I take the challenge and responsibility because I am in excellent shape and I can help the team and upset.”

“In a recent interview you admitted that you want to be among the best in the world. Do you think it will be this year when it will be you among the top nominees to clinch the Golden Ball?

“I do not know. I recognize that things have gone very well but know people’s opinion and decide. When my name is on that list will be satisfied. I want to be one of the best in the world but I’ve been obsessed with it. My only concerns are to help my team and my team to continue to play good football.”

So there you have it, far from moaning about his lack of freedom, Nani seems to be happy at United and willing to do his bit for the team. Although he’s still capable of trying 64 shots in a single game, there’s no denying the former SportingĀ  man has come on leaps and bounds and been United’s player of the season- here’s hoping he can have a smile on his face in the Summer.

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