Top of The League, Why Can’t we Just Enjoy it?

I’ve been so used to my team winning that I don’t really appreciate what it means to be as great as we are. There are fans of United though who will remember 26 years without the title. Given that I’m 25 years old, I’m trying to imagine if I’d been born just after a league title that would prove to be our last for 26 years. I’m imagining that with 8 games to go I’m contemplating the first league win of my lifetime. I’d be so excited that I couldn’t move. I wouldn’t give a monkeys that one of our best performers of the season was 38 years old. I wouldn’t really be that bothered that Barcelona are probably a better team. I would just be absolutely psyched that United were in with a chance of a Treble.

Whether they get it or not, I’ve taken a vow to return to the days of shameless, utterly naïve optimism. When United struggle to a win, I’m not going to look at it as a sign that the squad isn’t good enough, or that we need massive investment. I’m not going to view it as a sign of decline, a lowering of standards when Michael Carrick plays, heaven forbid, a sideways pass. I’m going to treat a struggling win as three points closer to the title. A victory of grit and determination, substance ahead of style, not because the team lacks style, but because every other team in the league treats a game against United as a cup final, and plays accordingly. Because to beat teams now, you have to go toe to toe with them. You don’t get all the time in the World.

If I could make the Glazers go away, if I could make United’s debt disappear I would, I really would. But I can’t, so as serious an issue as it is, I’m going to stop moaning about it, and start embracing the brilliance of picking up players like Hernandez for £7m rather than players like Lescott for £24m. I’m not saying I’m going to ignore the problem, but for the next 2 months I’m going to do nothing but dream of glory and the sight of Edwin and his gigantic hands lifting another European Cup, a fitting end to a brilliant career.

When the season ends I’m going to start wondering who United will sign or push forward from the academy to try and fill the Scholes void. I’ll dream of Alexis Sanchez or Douglas Costa easing the pain of Giggs heading off into the sunset. But whilst there are a possible 15 games and 3 trophies left to win I’ve made myself the commitment that I’m going to do nothing but live in the moment. Because the thing with football is you never know when a dynasty is going to crumble.

In the 80s it would have been unthinkable for Liverpool to go more than two decades without a title. When Clough was winning the league with Derby County and the European Cup with Nottingham Forest I doubt either of them imagined where they’d be now. I’m not saying United will fall from grace spectacularly, and I hope that they don’t, but I don’t want to get 20 years down the line and regret not thinking more about the here and now, about the joy of winning, and about how much other teams would love to win as “unspectacularly” as Manchester United are this season

Oh and call me a soppy bugger, but I think Paul Scholes may even make a perfectly timed sliding tackle by the end of this season.

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5 responses to “Top of The League, Why Can’t we Just Enjoy it?”

  1. Michael says:

    I am with you on this. Well said. Some fans are too demanding and expects the world from the team. They are human as well and as long as they always have the desire to win things, they go out there on the field to win! They are also very charitable by being involved in UNICEF, other non-profit charitable activities. That’s what makes Man U great!

  2. wiuru says:

    Down to ten men against Bolton we played like the United of old .We went for everything with belief and assurance . Im 60 and remember the 2nd division . Sent there by Citeh . Ive never minded losing as long as we battled .Now we are amongst the Elite we pay wages that reflect that ! so i expect us to challenge Barca , RM etc with no fear.But i also expect Bottle when the chips are down .

    • Hayden says:

      Totally agree on the bottle side of things. I think some of the comebacks over the last few seasons, even when things have gone against them have shown that bottle. As far as Barca goes, 2 CL finals in 3 seasons isn’t bad work. Yes United lost 1 final to them but this is an out of this World Barca team, who are being compared to some of the best ever, and yet you’d still give United a pretty good chance of beating them, because if Arsenal can beat them at the Emirates, you’d fancy United to defend better than Arsenal did and show more fight at the Nou Camp.

  3. Jacob says:

    I agree on some points. Some fans just love to bitch about every little thing.

    Although I have to say that we are not Arsenal, Liverpool or City; we’re not just satisfied with coming 2nd, 3rd or fourth best. We can’t allow ourselves to be like them and only aim and be satisfied for achieving a champions league spot.

    We can’t really enjoy till we win the trophy. That’s the United tradition especially this season when we can go one up over Liverpool’s league trophy haul.

    • Hayd says:

      Completely agree that we shouldn’t be happy to settle for 2nd or 3rd or play for CL spot. But given money invested by other clubs, and just the way things work in football, winning 4 out of 5 is an amazing achievement. I really think they’ll do it now. With the fixtures coming thick and fast they’ll get by on adreneline.