Date: 1st March 2011 at 6:04pm
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Defender Luis Moreno of Deportivo Pereira, has made headlines around the world after he kicked  Junior Barranquilla’s mascot owl off the pitch on Sunday in the Colombian championship.

Moreno who arguably makes Ashley Cole seem like a nice guy, booted the bird into the stands after it fell from the sky, alive and obviously distressed.

Animal rights groups are naturally outraged as were many of the Junior Barranquilla players.


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4 responses to “Video: Player Kicks Owl Off The Pitch”

  1. stuart says:

    If i’d of been one of the players i’d of had to come off as i wouldn’t even share a pitch with an idiot like that.

  2. stuart says:

    I’d of kicked his teeth in too and seen how he liked it.

  3. spoon says:

    Complete arsehole. Saw it earlier on Sky Sports News. Tw@tneck.

  4. Steve Crabtree says:

    Hate seeing stuff like that.