Date:6th April 2011 at 4:52am
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Rooney against Chelase

"Dear God, please giz a win over dem Cockney's like, la"

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, or have just emerged from a coma, or maybe are too scared of hearing swear words to turn on a television, then you’ll know United face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the first leg of the Champions League tonight.

The media seems to be favouring the West Londoners to win not only the match but also to progress to the next stage, which comes as no surprise considering the fact that Fleet Street is made up of Chelsea fans.

Here at Redflagflyinghigh we remain as optimistic as ever and a poll we’ve ran shows that around 85% of United fans- assuming that most of the people voting were Reds- believe that Ferguson’s men will get past Chelsea.

The first leg could be crucial as if United get that all important away goal- or even more than one- and don’t concede too many, then the chances of Chelsea getting a win at Old Trafford are slim to say the least.

Here’s ten reasons we believe United will prevail over Chelsea.

1. No David Luiz for Chelsea. Luiz has been a revelation for the West Londoners and has not only been vital in defence but has chipped in with some important goals. The Brazilian is cup tied for the games against United which will be a massive loss for Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

2. Wayne Rooney will have a point to prove. After hitting a hat-trick against West Ham, Rooney looked destined to be lauded over by the media just like old times. However thanks to sweary-gate he was not only crucified by the press but now faces a two match ban from the F.A. Something tells me Rooney may be chomping at the bit to show both the media and the F.A why it’s his football they should be talking about.

3. Edwin Van Der Sar. While all the talk of the PFA player of the year nominations may have been surrounding the omission of Nani and Berbatov more than a few Reds were more confused as to why a certain Dutch goalkeeper wasn’t included. Van Der Sar has been amazing all season and no matter what the media and Chelsea fans may claim, is a far superior goalkeeper to Petr Cech in every sense of the word.

4. John Terry shouldn’t believe the hype. It seems people have been trying to re-write history of late by claiming Terry’s had a ‘great’ season and is a deserved England captain. Then there’s also the small matter of what happened in Moscow which many believe will only spur Terry on. Well first of all let me say I cannot recall Terry having a worse season than the one he’s endured this campaign. Chelsea have looked dodgy in defence since September and teams that once feared them, now seem to be full of bravado against a side that lost that air of ‘invincibility’ a long time ago.

Terry’s still not convinced me that he’s fully turned the corner and if United get at him, he could find himself in deep trouble.

As for tonight being the ideal chance for him to vanquish the memory of Moscow, that may sound good to the media and even Terry himself, but that could hang over him like the sword of damocles, especially should he make a mistake.

5. Fernando Torres looks a shadow of his former self. I’m fully aware that ‘form is temporary, class is permanent,’ but there can be no denying that the former Liverpool’s form has now reached crisis point.

No goals since his £50 million move to Stamford Bridge means ‘El Nino’ has ‘El Zero’ in ‘El Sixo’ games and this cannot be ignored. Chelsea will need Torres to be firing on all cylinders if they’re to beat United and at the moment he doesn’t seem capable of doing the sort of damage which was once his trademark.

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