10 Reasons Why United Will Beat Chelsea Tonight

6. Antonio . Although it’s by no means certain he’ll even start, the Ecuadorian winger always seems to cause problems and if given the chance could prove the difference between the two sides. There’s not many players that Ashley Cole struggle against, but Tony V is definitely one of them.

7. The return of Rio. Is there any real doubt that will start? I can’t see him not doing to be perfectly honest. I know Smalling’s been a true revelation these past few games, but no one comes close to Ferdinand in terms of not just ability but also organisation skills.

I expect Ferdinand to not only start, but also to command the United defence to victory.

8. The siege mentality for United is a winner. The Reds always seem to do well when we think everyone is against us and that has never been more true than now. The charge, the refereeing decisions we’ve been on the end of, the media bias and even the PFA nominations have all made United practically drag out the sandbags and dump them round the dugout.

“We’re Man United we’ll do what we want” has been the cry for much of this season and while it’s not exactly true, the ‘us against them’ attitude could galvanize the team as it has done many times in the past.

9. The wealth of attacking options. While Chelsea struggle to find strikers with any real form, United have what was once termed ‘an embarrassment of riches’ in the forward department. Top scorer Dimitar Berbatov is not even guaranteed a place in the starting line-up which goes to show the level of performance both Rooney and Chicharito have achieved of late.

All three strikers looked immense at Upton Park at the weekend and throw in a certain dramatic Portuguese winger and you have a mouth watering selection of danger men at Sir Alex’s disposal.

10. United are due a win at Stamford Bridge. The last time the Reds won at Stamford Bridge, Tony Blair was incredibly popular as were Tom Cruise and Robbie Williams. That’s how long ago it was. United’s record at Chelsea is quite frankly deplorable and cannot continue.

The law of averages suggests that sooner or later United will win at Chelsea, mind you the same law says City would have won a trophy by now…….

Do you agree that United will win tonight or have I been over-confident? Please let me know your thoughts below.

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