Giggs and Barton

Two legends of the modern era battle for the ball

United’s draw away to Newcastle has been met with the sort of vitriolic, raging venom that the loss at Wembley was by some members of the Red Social Network.

While United still sit on top of the league with only five games to go it seems a draw away at St James’s is just too much to take for some of our fellow Reds.

As usual following a disappointing result we at Redflagflyinghigh have rounded up 50 of the best, tweets, forum posts, facebook statuses and graffiti to give you things we learned from tonight’s game. As per usual if you see anything that you may have written, it must be a coincidence…honest.

1. Can someone teach o’shea to make proper overlapping runs…or the principle of one/two’s or “pass and move”….so often he just passes it off and stands there like a statue……then there are times when he takes such an age to get up there to support the wing man, then winger’s surrounded by the time JOS gets there..solid at the back, but offer’s nothing attacking wise, especially when you’re trying to win a game.

2. Very real chance we could drop points here as were makin Newcastle look good! Feels like a huge Man City weekend hangover atm. Arse in gear.

3. We need to get rid of our squad players and replace them with unrealistic world class players #ImmitationOfMostManUtdFansEveryMatchOnTwitter

4. SAF shouldn’t have even had to say anything to motivate the team enough to win tonight. We should have gone out there and creamed Newcastle. We can’t rely on Spurs, and Chelsea won’t slip up. Lucky the cushion is what it is really.

5. Barton and Rooney are talking. The most unintelligent conversation on the pitch, no doubt.

6. I’d be pissed off the ref blew his whistle before our corner but would we really have scored from a corner?

7. Why am I still worried about the Rentboys?!!

8. Looking at that team sheet I have only one question: Are we rewarding mediocrity with more games?

9. Anyone that believes that Michael Carrick and Anderson could do a job against Barcelona should watch a video of 2009 CL final. Or even one of tonites game.

10. One thing which is certain is if we do end up losing this league title, it will be our inability to kill a game and take our chances away from home which will have cost us.

11. F*ck me is Anderson playing tonight FFS!

12. Think Evra has been poor and could use the rest, and valencia injury lay off seemed to catch up with him on saturday maybe give him a rest tonight.

13. I seriously don´t know why our top-scorer gets so few starts nowadays. I love Hernandez but Berba surely deserves some games. I don´t think he was at his best vs City but alone upfront against a City-side who knew their only chance of winning the game was keeping a clean sheet nobody but maybe Rooney in overdrive-form would have. Against West Ham he was out of this world when coming on but still on the bench next game

14. That was almost the worst pass back in the history of football.

15. Just fell asleep listening to ‘Big’ Sam Allardyce.

16. From a personal point of view it was nice to get on. Got a poor reception off the home fans which was disappointing. Was desperate to score!

17. John O’Shea… *sighs*

18. Michael Carrick’s like a stunning girlfriend who does everything for you, but also shags your mate now and again. The question is: is the rough worth the smooth?

19. Sh*t performance, and if one more person mentions “Potential” where Anderson is concerned, I’m gonna glass the f*ckers, he’s bunk!

20. “Please play Da Silva! Please play Da Silva! I don’t care which! Get ’em on the pitch! Please play Da Silva!!”

21. We need to give Fabio a run of games, he surely can’t be any worse than Evra at the moment.

22. Could Darron Gibson be any more ineffective than our current midfield? Things are that bad I’m beginning to wonder.

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4 responses to “50 Things We Learned From The Newcastle Game Via The Angry Red Social Network”

  1. Scott says:

    LOL at 23. Obviously quite strong sh*t.

  2. vazza says:

    about oshea – vs mancity he did the same ..
    Though Fergie will play fabio in Right in absence of rafael. plz no oshea. he did well in midfield.

  3. Foz says:

    We also learnt our support gives off a mostly london accent at away games.
    Our manager refuses to accept the opposition were better and should have had a pen.

  4. Keepin it Goooner says:

    Lol. Is that what you United fans are crying over hahha. Lol you at the top of the league and in the champs league. Why is every one pissed at anderson? Oh yeah you guys paid 20m for the 18 year old I see. Lol at 36 hes got the right idea. As to all you that have resorted to shite hart lane to save you….. HAAAA. I dont kno if you realised but arsenal is at full strength. Who’s been disprespecting Giggs? Hes like 37 isnt he? What you think he is going to be great all his life? Tell fergie its time the youngers take over. So he either player Hernandez more or Arsenal win the league