50 Things We Learned From The Newcastle Game Via The Angry Red Social Network

23. Yessaye!! Great goal from Berbatov our top scorer! Glad we played him tonite, love watching United while smoking weed. It’s mint. God I’m starving time to go petty station.

24. Next time United get a corner, let’s actually not bother taking it. We should just give the ball to the keeper and let him take his goal kick.

25. After City I wanted a response but this is more of the same rubbish. JOS dreadful, Carrick anonymous, Rooney not dangerous enough, Anderson two yards too slow, two stone too fat, Giggs his worst performance since April 2007.

26. If someone said to me in 2006 that I’d be thinking “wish Darren Fletcher was fit so he can help us win the League” I’d have told them they were crazy.

27. Anderson!! You cretin!! Why even make a challenge like that??!!!!!

28. Dear Sir Alex, please can you realise that several average midfielders don’t equal a world class one. Yours faithfully disgruntled Red.

29. Even though Chris Smalling is mint, I never feel as confident of a win when Rio’s absent. Bloody stalkers.

30. To use the tabloids line of reasoning, Berbatov’s absence from the 18 clearly means he’s shagged Imogen too.

31. Would Welbeck or Cleverley be of use to this team tonite? I think so! Were Anderson Giggs, Carrick or Owen any use? I think not.

32. Giggs, I know you’re a legend but so what?! This is f*cking abysmal and I’ve right to say it. If Roy Keane was still at the club he’d have been on MUTV for an hour telling everyone how sh*te the team is.

33. He’s actually made no progress at all since he came here in 07/08 – 4 bloody seasons ago. I don’t understand how you can show such awesome potential in a few games and then play like he did tonight in the majority. There’s something not right there and I wouldn’t lose any sleep if we replaced him in the summer. He’s gone past the point of frustrating and he’s now just annoying.

34. Nani stop being such a drama queen/greedy bastard and play football for seven seconds you idiot. That’s why Gareth Bale’s sat at home polishing his PFA award.

35. I cannot believe that John O’Shea is still preferred to Wes Brown at right back, he’s totally out of his depth week in week out. If we’d had O’Shea in 2008 we’d have won f*ck all. Trust me. What a joke.

36. “Ander-son son son, he’s as bad as Kleberson, Anderson son son, he should play for Rotherham, to the left to the right he is absolutely sh*te, he is fat with his ass and he’ll get d*cked by Fabregaaaas!!”

37. Chicharito been watching Nani?! That’s a silly OTT dive that deserved a yellow!

38. WTF is the ref on?!!! That’s a blatant penalty and he books Hernandez!!! What a joke!! How anti-United are the FA? Now the refs have even got involved.

39. If Rooney scores a hat-trick today I’ll be happy for him to swear into the camera all night long.

40. We need Spurs to do us a massive favour tomorrow.

41. Now I’m a Spurs fan for the next 24 hours.

42. Great now we’re relying on the most unpredictable team in the League to do us a favour. If Arsenal win tomorrow that will give them such a boost.

43. I heard people comparing Nani to Ronaldo the other week. Is that a joke? If we had Ronaldo this season, the league would’ve been won by January. Nani’s far too inconsistent to be relied upon. He was rubbish against the bitters and he’s been rubbish tonite. He needs a kick up the *rse or in the head.

44. Tony V, Park, Fletcher, Rio, why are we always looking at the players that weren’t there and asking what would have happened f they played. Any team representing United should be good enough to beat a below average Premier League side!!!

45. I can’t believe how a player with over 20 years experience can not only play so badly but also miss such an easy chance?

46. Utter sh*t.

47. I know SAF likes Wenger a lot now, but giving him the title just to save his job is beyond a joke. If we’re not careful the dippers will actually beat us to the 19th title mark.

48. That’s the worst performance by a United side, since the last performance by a United side.

49. Just to show how little bottle our players have one of them’s now moaning on twitter cos he got booed off the Geordies. Jesus wept.

50. All you need to do nowadays is be nice to Sir Alex and he’ll turn a blind eye to crap performance after crap performance and still put you in the team over far superior players. Tonight is proof that Fergie’s “no sentiments in football” nonsense was just that.


4 responses to “50 Things We Learned From The Newcastle Game Via The Angry Red Social Network”

  1. Scott says:

    LOL at 23. Obviously quite strong sh*t.

  2. vazza says:

    about oshea – vs mancity he did the same ..
    Though Fergie will play fabio in Right in absence of rafael. plz no oshea. he did well in midfield.

  3. Foz says:

    We also learnt our support gives off a mostly london accent at away games.
    Our manager refuses to accept the opposition were better and should have had a pen.

  4. Keepin it Goooner says:

    Lol. Is that what you United fans are crying over hahha. Lol you at the top of the league and in the champs league. Why is every one pissed at anderson? Oh yeah you guys paid 20m for the 18 year old I see. Lol at 36 hes got the right idea. As to all you that have resorted to shite hart lane to save you….. HAAAA. I dont kno if you realised but arsenal is at full strength. Who’s been disprespecting Giggs? Hes like 37 isnt he? What you think he is going to be great all his life? Tell fergie its time the youngers take over. So he either player Hernandez more or Arsenal win the league