Date: 4th April 2011 at 9:13pm
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Wayne Rooney

Crucified by the media and the FA

As many of you probably know by now, Wayne Rooney has been charged by the FA for his on-pitch antics at Upton Park against West Ham United.

After scoring a hat-trick, in the heat of the moment he was caught on camera using the F-Word.

The charge is for “the use of offensive, insulting and abusive language.” He has until 6pm on Tuesday to answer to the charge.

He has three options when answering to the charge. His first option is to dispute the charge and this would mean he would have to go down to the FA headquarters to appeal before a hearing on Wednesday before the Champions League tie against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. His other options are to accept the charge and the ban or to accept the charge and dispute the ban.

If Wayne Rooney pleads guilty to the charge he will be given a two match ban. This would mean he will miss the league game at home to Fulham on Saturday and also the FA Cup Semi Final against Manchester City the weekend after.

Personally I believe it is an absolute disgrace. I have seen players and managers on the pitch swear on countless occasions. For me it is the media that has has put the pressure on the FA to act solely because of the widespread interest in Wayne Rooney. The Daily Mail’s headline for one of their countless stories on Wayne Rooney before he was charged: “‘Disgusting’ Wayne Rooney faces ban for foul-mouthed rant after Respect campaign launch.” Now if that isn’t stirring, I don’t know what is. Anything to sell a paper eh? Shame on the FA for being influenced.

It was very clear to see that every section of the footballing media and punditry was more interested in Wayne Rooney’s foul mouth rather than his superb hatrick at Upton Park which dragged United from the brink of losing to a massive win in the race for the title.

For those fans who are a subscriber to the ABU theory it was always going to be a two match ban anyway. Ex-Manchester City player David Bernstein is the current FA chairman so should it really come as a surprise that it was a two match ban since we play against his former club in the FA cup semi final in two games time? I think not.

If Rooney is banned for two matches he shall be missed by Manchester United. But as I wrote just yesterday we have such an extensive attack that Nani, Berbatov, Hernandez could easily step in and win a match just as Wayne Rooney can. The theory that Wayne Rooney’s industrial language has influenced the public to also use this same sort of language is clearly unfounded. I’ve managed to contain myself throughout this article haven’t I?

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9 responses to “A Fan’s Reaction To The Wayne Rooney FA Charge”

  1. anton says:

    tough, get on with it foul mouthed idiot.

    • richard says:

      The only word used as often by the english is mate and often in the same breath, fuck you mate.. Ok, let’s get serious here fella, every week we see players from all teams use the word fuck. It’s BS and we all know it but rather than fight it, Fergie should just send a 2nd team to the FA semi final and maybe Rooney and other United players should just really say Fuck you to this excuse of an association and end their carers as national players. I just watched a clip from the Chelsea vs Stoke match and I am amazed that Essien didn’t receive a red card for his 2 foot tackle, after leaving the ground with the bottom of his boots /studs plain to see by all. Evans gets a red and the customary 3 match ban and Essien gets to play on and live to see another day. Fuck you FA, Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. pal says:

    You’re an adult. 6 year olds do copy their heroes. Rooney is a superb footballer but also a thick, stupid, clueless idiot. Will he ever learn? He deserves the ban and that is all there is to it.

    • Luis says:


    • richard says:

      Hypocrisy readily comes to mind when I hear this nonsense. hypocrisy–is so damn english!!!

  3. shakshamboo says:

    rooney gets banned for one swear word but essien gets nothing for a two footed challenge. great.

  4. london says:

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…Come on man grow up.are u deaf that u couldn’t hear your children use fuck.even small children use fuck word why making a big issue?

  5. Hanslod says:

    I personally feel the FA are bunch of hypocrites & i am sure the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi, owner of City had paid them or given them a nice house in his country, i dont have any doubt tht without rooney utd will be flop but just physiological advantage & to get the team morale down.

    FA are corupt in their own ways, pay them good money & they will grant u your own wish. Why did they not charge rooney during the world cup rant against algeria after the match, its for their personal benefit.

    FA youre a bunch of money fliping tossers, who bend over everytime u r shown money. i bet the fa will sell even their family members for money!!!!

  6. Rob says:

    Rooney Banned for 2 games for saying the F word…what a joke.. I dont think ive ever watched a live game that someone didn’t swear at a ref or assistant or at them selves after missing the goal. …Anyone remember Steve Gerard swearing into a camera when he scored an equaliser 2 years ago …… nothing was done. FUCKING BACK HANDED C*NTS!