Date: 20th April 2011 at 10:35pm
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Hernandez Newcastle

Chicharito misses- but United still remain top of the league

After Tuesday nights 0-0 draw at St. James’ Park, an average performance and 2 more points dropped in what could well turn out to be a very tight finish to this years Premier League, there have been calls all over various websites and forums demanding the immediate sale of players and a general unhappiness after a week which, until Arsenal’s draw with Spurs seemed to be heading towards disappointment.

But I have to ask – are things really as bad as some supporters are making out?

An FA Cup semi final, a Champions League semi final, and in the driving seat for a 4th Premier League title in 5 years, all for a club that were written off at the start of the season in many quarters and has had it’s fair share of problems during the season ( the Rooney saga, injuries to Valencia and Rio). I for one would rather be in this position than any of our rivals, all of which will be ending the season trophy less ( obviously hoping Stoke do a job for us at Wembley).

It has been a far from vintage year. Where once we could travel to any ground and be confident of 3 points we are now nervous and clock watching, counting down the minutes until we can leave with a point. Earlier in the season we had the indignity of conceding 2 late goals at Everton, adding to the late equaliser at Fulham. Our squad is being questioned by our own fans.

No longer is the mantra “In Fergie We Trust” being heard, but instead it is replaced with mumblings of discontent for players such as Carrick, O’Shea, Berbatov, Johnny Evans. This is not like us at all. I haven’t heard our own fans on the back of our own players like this since the great “Goalkeeper Fiasco” after Schmeichel retired.

Some comments I can understand. Carrick doesn’t run a game against midfielders like Tiote, Barton, Barry like he should. He seems to find out hard to get a hold on the ball, never mind 90 minutes of a match. But then every now and then he pulls a pass out that reminds everyone why the £18m was paid for him. John O’Shea isn’t there to be the first name on the teamsheet, he is there though to provide cover, and when that cover comes he does a good job. Not spectacular, just enough when needed.

And then we come to “The Berbatov Enigma”. In some games he is unplayable, prowling around ready for that one or 2 moments of genius that win a match and leave everyone gasping at his genius. Counter acting these moments are matches like the recent semi v our neighbours. The stage was set for Dimi to stake his claim to start the big games remaining this season, and to lead United to the title. Instead, his lines were fluffed, in what was generally a below par performance by the whole team.

Yes, if Chelsea, or even Arsenal, were playing to their full potential things might have been much different, and we could be lying in 2nd or even 3rd, but they aren’t.

We have done enough this season, just enough, and sometime that is what matters. I won’t be going into the remaining (possible )8 games downhearted, instead I’ll be looking forward to Rooney, Hernandez and Berba scoring the goals that gives us the all important 19th title, the continued return to fitness of Valencia and Anderson, and the growing stature of Smalling, a player that has so far proved that SAF’s eye for a player is still on the ball, and an able replacement for the injured Rio.

So let’s get behind the team, the players and the manager. Things could be worse, but as we’re top of the league and in the Champions League semi-final it doesn’t get much better right now.



5 responses to “Are Things Really That Bad For Manchester United?”

  1. Jack says:

    i wish i had your positive outlook lol

    but last nights display was toothless and its not arsenal i feared but for awhile i have feared chelsea coming up on the rails and they are getting closer.

    plus our midfield has been an issue ever since that night in rome when barca controlled the middle of the park.

    tbh i put nani and berba together capable of brilliance but all to often pick the wrong option.

    hopefully we can hold on to our lead and get that 19th title. but to win the champs league will be a very tough ask.

    as for the summer i would like to see 4/5 players come in but i wont be getting my hopes up after the last few summers.

  2. Jon says:

    After the Newcastle game i felt driven to call up the MUTV channel and vent my feeling about yet anoth insipid away performance potentially derailling us. I argued with messers May and Anderson and Viv Anderson pretty much used the same argument. How can we have a go when we’re top, and i was pillored as not being a UNited supporter by many other callers which hurt ‘cus thats exactly what i am to the core. To see this team does not excite but i’m a United fan (since the days of Coppell, Thomas and Jordan so what can i do………
    I wish i’d been able to be more eloquent as when we can write a response but it doesn’t stop the fact that if we win its by Default..
    1.) Can we really expect Chelsea to lose 7 games next season or Man City to lose 8 games once they’ve both splashed their abundent cash…..
    2.) Can we really be deserved winners when we haven’t won away to a TOP TEN side let alone a top 4 side……
    3.) Can we really rely on the creativity of 2 players that total 74yrs………
    4.) When will see the developement of players like Anderson, Obertan, Bebe, Gibson, Evans, Welbeck, Cleverly, Macheda mean they can be counted on regularly (although i concede Welbeck and Cleverly have done well for their loan teams and i, like many would love to see them given the opportunities…..)
    5.) When and where will we find a midfield that can dominate again…… People who keep asking why we don’t play 2 up …… its simple: thats because our central midfield area has the poorest quality of the whole team
    6.) Can we really call this a United team true to its roots… Its functional and mechanical and efficient and all about energy and effort and so much less about excitment and skill(taking into account the few genuine class moments like Rooney’s and Berba’s overhead kicks). We talk about Fletchers and Park being our most imfluencial midfielders whose importance to us is not because of their skill, touch and creativity on the ball but their effort without it….
    I wonder if Rooney is regretting signing that contract…… Could you imagine Keano putting up with such average players???

  3. JETELINHO says:

    I do not like huge changes in the squad – Pity-shawns are the best to document it does NOT work, it usually does NOT the team any good.

    But, while going through our squad-list, I suppose some changes are needed … not only to give the team a bit of a new flair. No matter how SAF is satisfied with the squad (& I do trust in him, no matter what!), the midfield is below par compared to the whole EPL, not to even mention the top 5-6 team … just compare it with Everton´s or even Villa´s – not saying we have a worse midfield, but doubt we have as better as we should.

    I won´t be coming out with particular names (I have got my own tips – 4 or 5 players I have – mho! – no doubt would be a success at OT) but I would like Alex to bring in at least 2 players, that will make the team stronger, I mean – automatic first choicers!

    nevertheless, LOVE UNITED, always will!

  4. Sale Red says:

    Give up on Anderson for christ’s sake. He is utter shite.

  5. ittozz says:

    in my own opinion .. the players are good .. indeed not bad .. may be we’d need some supporting elements to the team the next season … as scholes , giggs , hargo , vds , rio , owen .. either retiring or not fit for big periods … so now .. we should know we need players who can fill these big gaps … abt the wembley loss & tyneside draw .. that just happened when SAF chose his initial starting line up … basically i have big notes abt SAF choices for the starting line up against city …

    1- SAF tried berbatov b4 as our only striker … and sure he knew its nonsense to make it again as we turn from 4/5/1 to 4/5/0 ( zero ) .. so why didnt SAF push chicha instead of berba …. otherwise mayb SAF should started the game with 4/4/2 fromation like chelsea games using hernandez & berbatov .. i think chelsea r so much tougher side than city

    2- now … to the exhausted guys ..

    – carrick totally exhausted & already is not a player to have a good speed or flexibilty to take over players … scholes is more speedy and flexible and also have more passing accuracy than carrick and not exhausted .. but the lack of the both is in speed … so why not ando instead od carrick .. or even gibson ….

    _ exhausted having injury problems rio also just had a newborn baby … so why not smalling to start instead of him … note that smalling stopped man city @ old trafford … his job was well done …

    – the exhausted full backs o’shea and evra … why not to rest some 1 like evra who’s been playing roughly 4 consecutive seasons .. and o’shea who should at least have been subbed when we needed some speed and motivation especially when we have 2 great brazillian youngsters .. who did a great job even as wingers when called to it against arsenal .. why not to push fabio and rafael into more games as we r playing tough games each 3 days ……..

    in my own opinion … the starting up SAF chose against city is why we lost the game … & also why we lost two points against newcastle …
    i think some players lack exhaustion
    some lack confidence especially the sidelined stars ….. wish SAF consider this in so near future if my notes r right …