Date: 19th April 2011 at 1:27pm
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Sir Alex Ferguson

Fergie set for changes at United?

Sir Alex Ferguson took the time to discuss his views towards his squad, and his policy of deciding when he feels it’s time to move on a particular player for various reasons.

A story on the Sky Sports website (link posted below) features quotes for Ferguson about the importance his job holds in avoiding sentimentality when it comes to transfer policy, referring to past experiences with players such as Phil Neville and Nicky Butt, both close to the United manager, but two players who it was felt should be moved on to new opportunities.

“It is a horrible thing to say but you cannot be sentimental in this job,”

“I love the players that I’ve had and I’ve been very, very fortunate to have had great players who have come through my career with me”

“All of the players I have had here have played a part in my success so when I see something happening – as in the cases of Nicky Butt and Phil Neville – I have had to release them to other opportunities”

Everything to do with me is black and white. If it’s on the football field and I see something that I feel is a retrograde step for the club, I have to act and make decisions.”

With major changes being speculated at Old Trafford in recent weeks, the timing of this statement suggests that fresh blood will be brought in this Summer, and others within the squad will be moved on. It is thought the likes of Owen Hargreaves and Michael Owen may not have their contracts extended, Paul Scholes possibly retiring and squad members such as Gabriel Obertan and Darron Gibson look to have uncertain futures at the club. Indeed it is fair to see Ferguson has not hesitated to make changes when he feels it is necessary, with examples of top players falling out with him and being swiftly sent to other clubs, such as with Van Nistelrooy.

Whilst it is not clear yet exactly who is to be shipped out of Old Trafford, his words will certainly send rumours and speculation in to overdrive, with many wondering not only who’s time is up at United, but more intriguingly who will be brought in to replace them.

And with that, what changes to the squad would United fans like to see? Which players need to be shown the door? Which players should United try to sign? Leave your thoughts below.

Story provided by Sky Sports:,19528,11667_6883844,00.html


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8 responses to “Do Sir Alex’s Comments Mean It’s All Change At United?”

  1. Ella Pattersdon says:

    No change of direction. Fergie always does and has done what he feels is best for United. If he feels a player should go he will, if thinks a player should stay he will. The press just do not like the fact that what they say has no effect f Fergie whatsoever. As per normal two or three will go and two or three will come. The only difference this year is that we have 2 or maybe 3 retiring so this may mean a couple more additions than normal that is all.

    • RedScot says:

      Which players has he allowed to leave Old Trafford, for breaking the Sir Alex rules of conduct( And who still stays?)Two or three come in, you mean like, the players with sell on value, its a buisness its not a passion.Thats where we are mate!.2 or 3 Retiring, yikes these are irreplacelable!Giggs and Scholes.

  2. Tarek says:

    i think there r a few players who need to be sold like kuzckak and gibson maybe even park who even though is amazing sometimes but is old and needs to move on. hargreaves and owen i think we shud offer pay as u play deals which owen already is on so that the younger players can profit from their experience. players to be bought nuer or de gea GK charlie adam if scholes retires and we cud do with ashley young if we sell park. but we still have welbeck machaeda diouf and cleverly to come back with big future ahead of them. i also think it is time berba left we can make some money now if we sell him as pour first choice shud be rooney and chicha and our subs shud be welbeck and machaeda becuz its time to build a new team especially after they had some time out on loan which can be very beneficial!!!

    • RedScot says:

      Hi mate yes you are right the PIG, should be used as a make weight for a top goal keeper.Not so sure about you thinking, Three lungs to be binned.Where do you buy a player of that attitude and ability to sit on the bench and accept it so easily for his cost? Charlie Adam ha ha, you are having a laugh, I know he is ok at Blackpool, did you see against our reserves the other week.
      He cost 500k from the Teddy bears, the only reason Sir Alex talked him as a £10 million pound crosser and delivery of the ball, was to piss off ,Dogleash and increase the transfer for his new bezzie buddie hilarious Hollaway/

  3. Steve Crabtree says:

    Weren’t these quotes from quite a long time ago?

    • Zayd says:

      Quotes were published today supposedly. Took is a hint for possible actions in the summer.

  4. RedScot says:

    “Mean its all change at United”?Yes the whole ballpark and sphere of purchasing football players is changing now and for the foreseeable future.The homegrown rule and financial fairplay rules alter the opportunity to simply go out and purchase a whole host of ready made “Galatico’s”.
    Sir Alex and United, through no fault of there own almost caused the “No value in the market” scenario.The eye watering transfer fee for Ronaldo changed the landscape and reasonable pricing policy of mediocre and world class football players.
    I also believe within the article and the wording of what Sir Alex is alluding to his there are Summer signings in the pipeline.I think we should not forget with this information in mind, the Annual renewal of season tickets are due and to attract back some of the “lost” holders and encourage possible new “Bums” on the seats, bye hinting the team will be reinforced, to pasify the many unhappy United supporters based on the teams overall performances.
    We have brilliant youth coming through the ranks they are the, potential in the future,what Manchester United is about.
    With all this in mind, we must always bear in mind who owns United and their investment in the team to those point in time,plus of course the current condition of the financial accounts.
    We all naturally want the best for United, thats a given but I personally dont see it, as Black and White, there are Grey area’s.
    Must go and get a few pints before the match kicks off.
    Cmon United, lets win this at Newcastle and keep the 19th a very real possibilty.
    Cmon United.:D

  5. Redscot says:

    Do you see what i mean Zayhd? there are players and those that are serious!lmao