Date: 14th April 2011 at 6:13pm
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Jose Mourinho Alex Ferguson

Will the Special One be replacing Mancini again, or his 'friend' Sir Alex?

The latest rumour going round in the press is that Manchester City will make a move for the special one Jose Mourinho.

His response was, “For me to Manchester City, I say it is impossible.” I have to say I very much enjoyed hearing that he had said such words. It seems he is not off to City after all.

Everyone knows what a great manager Jose Mourinho is. He is widely tipped to take over from his “good friend” Sir Alex Ferguson when he finally decides to retire. Hopefully for us that day will be a very very long time away. However it is not him ruining his chances of taking over at Old Trafford by taking over at a rival club that I am worried about.

Jose Mourinho is undoubtedly one of the best managers in the world. He is also relatively young in managerial terms and he has won 2 Champions League trophies already (as many as Sir Alex Ferguson to date) with Porto and Inter Milan. Both times he won it he was by no means the favourite to do so. It is widely reported however that he is not happy at Real Madrid and from an outsiders perspective its obvious that he is not given enough freedom to do what he wants. As a manager of Real Madrid he is expected to adopt the “Madrid” way of playing, all out attack and a disregard of defence in a “Galacticos” kind of team.

So you may ask, why does the fact that Jose Mourinho dispelled rumours linking him to our bitter rivals Manchester City convinced me to write an article on him? Well it is simple. Mourinho is a top class manager and at Manchester City he would be given that complete freedom he requires. At Chelsea it is also widely known that he wasn’t given that freedom, that Roman Abramovich wanted to be involved in the transfers, most highlighted by the fact that £30million signing Andrei Shevchenko was nothing but a benchwarmer for their club.

With the complete freedom he could potentially be given coming hand in hand with the fact that he would have a blank cheque to sign players to fit around his tactics rather than the other way round, I believe he could be very successful for City. It could possibly be the best thing Manchester City could do. With him as manager he could possibly attract the best names in the world. I know if I was a footballer, the managers I would most want to work with would be Sir Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho.

It could be the best thing that could happen to their extremely tiny club. Thankfully, it will never happen. To me it seems blatantly obvious that he is playing the waiting game with Ferguson to eventually take over his job. He constantly voices his desire to return to England however when he is linked to a job of a rival of Manchester United he is always quick to play down the rumour. I’m pretty sure that if one day he does become the manager of our beloved club, given the patience and freedom that Sir Alex has been, he shall be extremely successful and the good times will keep rolling at Old Trafford.

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  1. Stop pretending to hate us. You’ve probably never even met a city fan. I suppose if it makes you feel like a real football fan it’s ok.