Manchester United V Chelsea Match Preview

Jim Henson Appreciation

The twin was injured in the first leg, and was stretchered off to a chorus of boo’s from the crowd.  Not very nice, and not very intelligent.  Which reminds me that they will be there at Old Trafford in quite high cup game style numbers, and my prediction is that the usual chant of “60,000 muppets” is likely to feature around the 18 minute mark.

They forget Old Trafford holds over 75,000, so I’m not sure who the other 15,000 are?  If we really are Muppets, then we have to liken them to a less intelligent version of us. I’m thinking of the Fraggles?  Similar, same sort of creation, but not that good and definitely not as famous?

Yep.  We’ll go with Fraggles then.  (Even if one is called Wembley – a place the blues wont be visiting this season unless they can surpass us on Tuesday night.)

…It’s different, he didn’t use the word ‘cheat’

The Fraggle’s have been up in arms about the decision to not to award their side a last minute penalty in the first leg, after Evra blatantly brought down Ramires in the box with a lunge that wasn’t the cleverest thing he’s ever done.  It was a definite penalty, and we were lucky.  The only reason I think it can’t have been given is that Ramires had started going down slightly before contact was made.  Also, Evra connected with his thigh – yet the guy went to ground as if he was brought down at the ankle.  Watch the from behind the goal…adds a new dimension to it.

John has a different view, in that the penalty not being given proves that there are people on a witch hunt against in Europe, who don’t want them to win a trophy.  I’ve not read about him being charged for those comments yet (roll eyes) but it might be worth reminding “JT” that no-one has had a bigger influence on Chelsea not being victorious in Europe as him.  That slip of a penalty from the captain courageous of club and country cost Chelsea millions in money, pride, and new support – he’d do well to remember that before playing the play ground blame game.

Getting a semi-on

I’m excited for this one, and with the prospect of probably facing in the semi final, I’m fairly confident of progressing past this stage, and in to the final at Wembley.  We’re half way thorough the tie, and in better than our usually-but-not-this-season rivals, and we’ve got the experience to control the outcome of this round.  Pressure is firmly on Chelsea, and it’s a bad pressure that they don’t handle too well.

I think we’ll get a goal, and I don’t think will score two.

Wherever you’re watching the game, don’t get caught by a gork.




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