Mourinho will become the next Man Utd manager

And so this is what brings me onto my next point. The way Jose Mourinho conducts himself has been under the spotlight as of late. All I can say to this is when has Sir Alex Ferguson stayed clear of controversy? I mean he has only come off the back of a 5 match touchline ban hasn’t he? Would it be so far-fetched if you heard Sir Alex come out with a favoritism quote? Clearly Mourinho’s comments have been blown up because the magnitude of the game, the occasion and the people involved but of course I agree with the general concensus that he should be banned.

Ultimately It is this “press conference” that has decided that Jose Mourinho has no future as a Manchester United manager which I think is totally absurd. He has seen that his side are now most probably out of the Champions League. Factor in that it is also in his interest to see Barcelona fail. So what does he do? He talks about “Barcelona favoritism” so the referee may go out of his way to show no such thing both in the second leg and in a potential final against Manchester United. For me it is a calculated outburst. In the 10 minutes locked inside the dressing room that UEFA set aside for him to calm down he comes up with something that could possibly aid in Barcelona failing to win the Champions League. Maybe it will work maybe it wont.

Most people do forget that Jose Mourinho is a genius! He is a genius in my eyes and always will be. The way he masterminded Inter Milan’s progress over Barcelona last year was tactically astute. Most Manchester United fans have been guilty of football snobbery over the last few days. Snobbery in the way that we cannot stoop so low as to actually defend. Well I’ll have you all know this is not true. How we managed to progress past Barcelona in 2008 was about as much genius as Inter Milan last year. A 0-0 at the Nou Camp and a 1-0 victory at Old Trafford. Surely we did some kind of defending in them games?

Ferguson was quoted earlier today that “this (Manchester United) team might not have the Ronaldo factor, but it doesn’t understand the word defeat.”

The Ronaldo factor here represents attacking flair, creativity, the kind of words that most probably describes everything that Barcelona are about. He goes on to talk about the way we now play saying that “it’s determined, gritty and very professional, and it’s produced some great moments.”

He brilliantly sums us up as a team and it is a team with this exact description that I believe will play to Mourinho’s strengths. Lou Macari also said on Mourinho, “his record is fantastic and I don’t buy into the belief that he is a defensive manager.

He’s a clever coach who finds a way to win games.” Well Lou, I don’t buy into it either. You couldn’t have put this any better. And it is exactly this why I believe he has not spoilt his chances of becoming Manchester United’s next manager. It is ultimately going to be up to Sir Alex Ferguson who will be his successor. Not the media. Therefore I conclude that Mourinho will become the next Manchester United manager.

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