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Ryan Giggs PFA Player of the Year

The most successful player in British football history with yet another big chunk of metal

Wayne Rooney recently made arguably the most obvious statement since Kevin Keegan informed the footballing world that players who were 30 at the current world cup would be 34 at the next one- if they weren’t careful. Wazza noted that it’s only a matter of time before Ryan Giggs is made Sir Ryan of Salford.

Rooney told The Sun:

“It won’t be long before we call him Sir Ryan. For me he’s a genius, incredible. What he has done at United, what he does for the younger players is absolutely fantastic.”

The British media, or should that be the English media has been so wrapped up in when David Beckham is going to receive his knighthood that many of them have overlooked the man who more than any player in the modern game, deserves one.

I know there may be those among you who like Morrissey may think “what difference does it make?” but surely there’ s a strong case to be made that giving Giggs a knighthood before he hangs up his boots would be not only a great idea but more importantly well deserved.

Here’s ten reasons why Giggs should be on his knees with a sword on his shoulder sooner rather than later.

1. He’s won the lot- several times. With a staggering array of winners medals not to mention the freedom of the City of Salford, BBC Sport Personality of the Year, Young PFA Player of the Year, PFA Player of the Year,  Order of the British Empire, numerous records broken and continuing to be broke every time he sets foot on a pitch, what accolade is there left to bestow upon the man who’s won everything? It’s only right that a man who has won every honour both for his team and individually should be awarded the one thing he hasn’t achieved yet.

2. He’s a shining example to younger players. Let me ask you this: how many times have we heard of Giggs, arguing over a contract, trying to get himself a better deal, diving about on the floor, getting involved in tabloid nonsense, being red-carded- at club level, making silly statements, bringing his club into disrepute? None? Thought so, The man is the best example of how any footballer should conduct themselves bar none. If you’re a youngster and you look up to a Wayne Rooney or even a Roy Keane, then that’s great but you could find an even better role model in Mr Giggs, absolutely faultless, in fact, canonizing rather than knighting him could well be more appropriate.

3. Charity work. It amazes me how little is made of the amount of work Giggs does for “charidee2 when compared with other so-called celebrities who seem to revel in the limelight of all their benevolent efforts. Giggs has done his bit as part of United’s charity work during his career but has also branched out to become an ambassador for UNICEF. Giggs visited Sierra Leone as part of his work with UNICEF which is where his father’s family originally come from. Giggs has also been a vociferous member of the ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ campaign, opening up his heart about the abuse he suffered as a mixed-race child in a white environment.

4. He’s Welsh and proud of it. Being Welsh shouldn’t qualify you for a knighthood, but Giggs deserves credit for being a shining example for his national side as well as his club one. Although he didn’t ‘choose’ Wales as some have claimed, he was born in Cardiff to Welsh parents so could only play for that country, he has never made an issue of it. One Reebok campaign simply stated : “I’m Welsh end of story.” It’s a crying shame for England that he is as the left side of our national side’s midfield has NEVER had a decent long-term player there during Giggs long career.

5. If he was an Olympian he’d have been knighted by now. The likes of Chris Hoy, Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent have all been given knighthoods so why not Giggs? If he was an Olympic athlete, he’d have taken part in the 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2010 games. Would he have been knighted by now? Of course he would have. Yet just because he’s a ridiculously successful footballer that somehow doesn’t count. Well it should, athletics shouldn’t have a monopoly over honours, football’s the people’s game and no one embodies it better than Giggs.

6. If the Queen’s waiting for him to retire- it could be a long wait. Her Majesty may well be thinking, she’ll give Giggs the honour his talent and attitude deserves when he hangs up his boots. The problem is, Giggs isn’t human, he’s a cyborg created by United supporting scientists that will simply keep going for many years to come. While that last statement may be a bit of a porkie it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Giggs could actually be playing into his forties. Sounds ridiculous, well we’ll see about that in a few years.

Any more reasons Ryan should become Sir Will Tear Your Apart Again? Feel free to suggest them below:


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4 responses to “Six Reasons Why Ryan Giggs Deserves A Knighthood”

  1. sam udt says:

    I started calling him sir in 2008, simply then

  2. Toby Beddoe says:

    I can think of 1 very good reason why he won’t be knighted!

  3. Adam says:

    I can: He’s a lying, cheating, back stabbing, family wrecking idiot.

    Saying that i have watched his career from day one and he has given me so much joy and has been a model professional within football.

  4. Daniel says:

    Ryan Giggs Should Be Made A Knight, But, Toby Is Right There Is Only 1 Reason Why Giggs Won’t Be Knighted And That Simply Is Because He Is Welsh!

    Whilst The Scandal That Has Befallen Giggs With Cheating On His Wife Then Attempting To Cover It With A Super Injunction, This However Happened Off The Pitch, Everything He Has Done On It Plus His Charity Work Deserves To Be Recognised! There Are People Who Have Been Knighted That Have Done Far Worse