Date: 4th April 2011 at 2:46am
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Berbatov and Rooney

Two big reasons United could go all the way this season

On countless occasions this season Man United have been slated for playing poorly.

They say that we are the worst Manchester United team in history, yet we are in contention for three competitions even at this stage of the season. We hear the same old same old week in week out about Carrick and Gibson (even when Gibson isn’t playing!?) about how poor they have been. Are we really being a bit too harsh?

Cast your mind back to that glorious season of 2008 when we won the League and Champions League double and back to 2009 when we reached the final of the Champions League. If my memory serves me correctly our central midfielders were Hargreaves Anderson Carrick Scholes Fletcher Gibson with Giggs and Park doubling up as central midfielders on occasion (note we reached the Champions League final in 2009 without Owen Hargreaves that year). This indicates to me that despite our “poor” central midfielders, we were still one of the top two teams in Europe for both these campaigns. Comparing the central midfielders of that season to this we can see that nothing at all has changed.

In fact it could be argued that Paul Scholes has had a much better season this term than both of those I previously mentioned. Anderson has kind of come of age this season too though recently we have seen him out with injury.

Anyway this brings me to my point. For those fans who have got it into their heads “WE NEED TO BUY A WORLD CLASS ATTACKING MIDFIELDER,” they must remember that there are not so many players in that world class midfielder bracket. They must also remember that in most cases they are not for sale. And in addition to this, it is just not the United way. With the tactics deployed we just cannot afford to accomodate a world class attacking midfielder as we would probably have to drop one of our strikers to play a 4-5-1 regularly just for him to fit in.

A world class attacking midfielder would just be a liability defensively. The role of Manchester United central midfielders for many years now has not been to be the focal point of the attacks, more to keep possesion and to pass the ball on to players around them who can lead the team in attack. In 2008 Manchester United heavily relied on their front three trio of Rooney Ronaldo and Tevez. Add to that name Dimitar Berbatov for 2009. Three strikers of the highest quality and a winger who was just in a league of his own spearheading the attacks in which the midfielders supported.

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This term it is our forwards Rooney Hernandez Berbatov Nani and now possibly Valencia who will spearhead our attacks from now until the end of the season. For me this is the best attack in the whole of the premiership and possibly the best in Europe. It is formidable and devastating at times. This attack is one that when they are playing, I always keep the faith that something will happen, that we can grab a goal from anywhere.

So many potential match-winners or players to rely on can only be a good thing. It is this attack that has made Manchester United this season. It is this attack that has scored us some crucial goals at crucial times in crucial games and this is why we have been this successful this season. We have been very clinical at the times where it has mattered the most.

For the run-in I am nothing but delighted about the team. Although we do have our defensive worries, we have perhaps the best strike force in the league. Definitely we have the most in-form attackers currently in the league. The position we find ourselves in at the moment is very promising and could lead to multiple glories, possibly a treble. So this is a call for all those who have been attacking our performances this season to lay off it. We’re top of the league by 7 points, we are in the Champions League Quarter Finals and we are in the FA Cup Semi Finals. We have shown character all season in the times when we have needed to most and we have come out better for it. It’s now the business end of the season. It’s time to get behind the team and to keep the faith.
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Am I talking utter rubbish? Feel free to comment below

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3 responses to “Can Manchester United’s Attack Lead The Team To The Treble?”

  1. Edgar says:

    Right on mate. Everyone is criticizing this years united as one of the worst in years, but i believe this could be a historic season. I do like to take a game a time, but lifting three trophies in may actually seems very possible at this stage.

    • vicent says:

      i grow up believe that with UNITED there is no never say never n nthng is imposible, we fight until there is nothing to fyt for bt as long as we are stil av sumthing to fyt for we wont back down.

  2. Anagafo Michael says:

    Utter rubish. United has just been lucky other teams (especially Chelsea and Arsenal) are not doing well. Paul Scholes is past his prime, Carrick and Anderson are not just it and the rest of the middle is wobling and fumbling leaving the defence heavily exposed. In 2008 Hagreaves was a rock in front of the back four freeing the fullbacks to join the attack. Paul Scholes was then allowed to play deeper in attack contributing vital goals. This is clearly lacking in the current squad. A good attacking midfielder in the mould of Sneider will put pressure on the opposing teams allowing Fletcher to concentrate in a defensive role.