Date: 15th April 2011 at 8:19pm
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Declan Delly

United's new signing impressed during a 7-1 win over Leeds while on trial

According to various news outlets United have signed 16 year-old Declan Dalley- no not the camp looking one from Ant and Dec- following a trial.

The youngster will join The Reds in the Summer and seems to be part of the growing transfer trend at Old Trafford of buying younger players.

The question is ‘who is this 16 year-old and what do we know about hm?’

Dalley is described as a ‘powerful defender’ and has been quoted as saying if he doesn’t make it as a professional footballer he’ll join the army.

Dalley was part of the Wales Under 16 side which defeated England 4-0 in the Victory Shield, he was also recently called up to the Under 18 squad.

Despite various rumours surrounding his departure from Cardiff this popped up on one of their club forums and is from an agent who represents the youngster.

It’s obviously not often that I come to this Forum in a professional manner , that’s because this forum is a release away from the normal day to day business activities as a football supporter and as one who attends as many Cardiff City games as possible, and one who comes here for some fun,banter and often the odd leg pull!

Tonight though as it’s a hot topic of debate on this forum and many forthcoming press articles will appear tonight I have to wear my professional hat on. Anyway to clear matters up especially after reading some of the undeserved comments on here tonight so far that have appeared.

Declan Dalley was released by Cardiff City 8 weeks ago full stop. Cardiff City’s choice , Cardiff City’s opinion. Thats where it ends.

Declan is represented by my Company GSD Sports as are many local talented players . On his surprised release as we do for any released player it’s our responsibility to assist the player in finding another football club.

Immediately on his release by Cardiff City we were approached by many Premiership Clubs as well as Championship Clubs who were as surprised as ourselves to his release.

Several offers were placed on the table but after contact with Manchester United Football Club it was decided Declan would train and play for them in 3 games.

Declan showed not only his great ability but his full dedication which impressed the top recruitment brass within the Manchester System and literally after coming off the pitch after a 7-1 victory against Leeds Utd was summoned to the Offices to be offered a contract due to his great attitude, ability in the games and desire. Clearly Manchester United saw the potential of the player and did not wish the player to take any of the other good offers on the table.

Declan a life long Manchester United Supporter as like his family and late Father was obviously delighted.

Now is not the time to look at the player himself or judge on a football message board because he has signed for another Club and everybody should just wish the young lad well in his future , he’s Welsh so hopefully in a different way will benefit the Welsh Football Supporter.

Declan 8 weeks ago suffered the big heart break of being released by Cardiff City. It happens in Football, this will not be the first time and certainly will not be the last. Declan now has now moved to another Club to pursue his football career and I would hope everybody would wish the lad well.

Steve Day

Whether Dalley makes the grade is anyone’s guess and we’ll just have to watch his progress but I for one am glad to see that The Reds are always looking to the future.



9 responses to “Who Is United’s New Signing Declan Dalley?”

  1. Anagafo Michael says:

    Sir Ferguson is building a formidable future United team. We should all support him with our prayers

  2. RedScot says:

    Interesting read and story.He has clearly faced much heartbreak at a young age.I believe he has chosen wisely, in choosing United to develop his footballing talents and be given the coaching to give it his best shot.If he does not succeed at United, but has tried his ultimate best he can hope for another opportunity elsewhere,like many before him.Good luck, lucky Devil.;)

  3. Die Glazers fucking die says:

    If Ferige says he is good enguh then he is for me

  4. detoy says:

    eeeh why on earth wud he be released from a smaller club like cardiff….. maybe he’s good but very inconsistent… loosing focus….or injury prone….. at a club like utd i need exceptionally talented players

  5. detoy says:

    eeeh why on earth wud he be released from a smaller club like cardiff….. maybe he’s good but very inconsistent… loosing focus….or injury prone….. at a club like utd i need exceptionally talented players….

  6. ibrahim says:

    he is welcome 2 old traford let try him & see he is a young guy i pray he will play with all his heart.Gud luck 4 him.

  7. kay fry says:

    good luck dec your family are behind you love nan and simon

  8. Dunnie says:

    you are good enough pal we all know this. Make a name for yourself butty, All the best your good friend dunnie x

  9. Turns out good on Football Manager