Date: 4th April 2011 at 5:16pm
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Wayne Rooney swearing

"Stick ya f*cking charge up ya f*cking *rses, ya bunch of c...."

Wayne Rooney could now face a two match ban following his outburst to  a television camera at Upton Park  The FA’s website states:

“The FA has charged Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney for the use of offensive, insulting and / or abusive language.

“This charge relates to an incident during his side’s fixture with West Ham United at the Boleyn Ground on Saturday 2 April 2011.

“Rooney has until 6pm on 5 April to respond to the charge.”

It comes as no real surprise that the FA who’ve constantly had it in for United over the years should choose to make an example of Rooney.

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7 responses to “Wayne Rooney Charged By The FA For Using Abusive Language”

  1. Karl Pilkington says:

    This is what happens when Ferguson lets chavvy scouse c*nts play for united.

    • Edgar says:

      fuck off rooney is a united legend playing with all his heart for the club. he is class

  2. SALADO says:

    No more than is deserved he is an absolute disgrace to the club can you imagine the great Matt Busby allowing our name to be dragged through the mud like this by an individual who thinks he is bigger than this once mighty club !! Shocking . It would have been more understandable if the it wasn’t a match winning goal his total lack of mental capacity simply astounds me the guy is a neanderthal thug mascarading as a footballer and he sums up everything that is wrong with the game MUFC and society as a whole !!

  3. Jack says:

    a freakin joke, 2 game ban for saying fuck in ear shot of a camera. so he could miss a semi final at wembley cos the media/fa have got there panties in a bunch, they should man up and realise its not a big deal.

    • Karl Pilkington says:

      When you say “saying fuck in ear shot of a camera” you mean looking right into the camera and screaming the word “fucking” twice right?

      • Jack says:

        the camera came towards him, there was no man with a mic and so F****** what?

        have you ever been to a football match?
        people swear, players swear and they do it in daily life too.

        if the fa wanna charge rooney then they should put the work in and spend ages going through every game with a fine tooth comb looking for players swearing charge them all and see how many players are left next weekend.

        • Karl Pilkington says:

          He swore into a camera. Last time I checked video cameras have microphones on them. Rooney acted like the scouse c*nt he is. You must have been really miffed when Drogba got a four game ban for swearing to the camera.