Date: 11th April 2011 at 4:52pm
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Ashley Young

Is he good enough to step into the number 11 shirt?

Speaking in that shining example of liberal sentiment The Daily Mail, Jamie Redknapp took time out from flogging to Marks & Spencer underpants to share his thoughts on the prospect of Ashley Young coming to Old Trafford.

Redknapp said:

“Ashley Young looks better every time I see him. He has electric pace and dribbles with his head up; he looks a future Manchester United player to me, and an ideal replacement for Ryan Giggs.

“Aston Villa will have to cash in on the England winger in the summer rather than let him go on a free next season.”

While Young is undoubtedly a good player, I have my doubts as to whether he’s an ideal replacement for one of the greatest players in United’s history. For starters Young isn’t even a natural left winger, he’s more suited to the right although he can play on either side.

Young has no Champions League pedigree whatsoever which is obviously an important part of any United player’s season. I’m not saying that doesn’t make him good enough for Old Trafford but at the age of 25 it’s something I’d certainly have preferred him to have at least tasted by now.

Young’s record of six goals and seven assists this season is more than admirable and there’s no denying that he’s a useful player but I’m not so sure he’s quite Manchester United material. Whether the rumours are true and Young does end up coming to The Theatre of Dreams, remains to be seen, but even if he does the idea that he’s an “ideal replacement for Ryan Giggs” is quite frankly laughable.


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12 responses to “He’s Good But Ashley Young Is No Ryan Giggs”

  1. bruce thomas says:

    …and Gareth Bale??

  2. cbo says:

    Id say hes better than giggs. He can play right left and through the middle. The last Villa player to go to old trafford received similar scepticism until he then played a huge part in winning utd the treble-yorke. lghu

  3. Ryde or Die says:

    I just see him as a shite version of Nani tbh

  4. Toby says:

    Not better than Giggs but this author clearly isn’t following Ashley young much. And if so, why write an article. He is CLEARLY more suited to the left, than the right. Watch him play, before blabbing on about your own misguided, wide of the mark claims.

    • Justin Mottershead says:

      I have seen him play and while I’m aware of his ability to cut in from the left using his right foot, I feel that he’d be more useful down the right using his natural foot to cross with. It’s the same with Nani he can play on the left and is very useful there but is arguably better down the right.

      • Alexei says:

        I am a Villa fan and have watched him a lot ofver the last 3 seasons and I can assure you Young is far more comfortable on the left. He and Milner and then Downing would swap positions with Young several times during matches (under O’neill) and his best work almost always came from the left hand side. Young is much more than a speed merchant who can cross, thats why he is used on the left where he can cut inside have more of an influence on the game.

  5. Toby says:

    But there’s no arguing to be had. Im a villa season ticket holder. A. Young is better on the left. Likewise the better of the two, S. Downing is better on the right. Cutting in on your strong foot is now how wingers are trained from a young age, because fullbacks are so much better defensively and quicker than they ever were, so getting a ball in down the flanks is becoming less and less common, but instead switching in on your strong foot and playing it from the edge of the box or along to a centrally placed midfielder seems to be the trend. But i disgress, Young is better from the left.

  6. MCC says:

    Can we have Ryan Giggs and £20m please !! Speaking as a Villa season card holder Young isn’t fit to lace Giggs’ boots and I’d swap them any time

  7. villarich says:

    Ashley Young isn’t a patch on Ryan Giggs and never will be…If Man U are daft enough to pay £20m-£25m for Young I for one would welcome it…Up the Villa!!!

  8. Alexei says:

    Guys I have to say I think you are being unfair to Ash. Ash has never played for a trophy winning team, is only just entering his prime and therefore cannot be considered Giggs’ equal. However in regard to their respective abilities they are very similar.

    Giggs was a pacey winger (not so pacey anymore hence the past tense) with good delivery, but he also has vision, composure and awareness. Young is pacey with good delivery, but also vision and awareness. However Young lacks the composure that Giggs has, however that is something he shows in training and if he were to settle in to a successful team I believe would show itself more in matches.

    For me the main difference between the two is Balance, Giggs may be skinny, but he has great balance, Ash is far too easy to knock off the ball which is why he is so quick to go to ground. Also I would say Giggs is a better finisher and has a better weight of pass. Young is Quality, Giggs in his prime was world class.

  9. jose says:

    With Cleverly back next sesson, Valencia, Nani, Park along with the younger wingers coming thru the ranks I don’t see the need for Young. I don’t think he’d start if united had a full squad to pick from. Personally i would like to see a naturally Left footed player instead it we were to look for a wide player. Central midfield is the area of concern for me.

  10. TJ says:

    Yeah. And Nani, Valencia, Park, Obertan, Cleverly, Bebe ARE Ryan Giggs?

    He’s one of your top 3 players of all time. I think its more than a little harsh to judge someone who has never played Champions League or regular international football to a legend of the modern game. Give him a chance.

    He’s had a bad season, but he would be fantastic at United. Just get him to get his delivery back up to scratch, stop him diving, and stop him attempting the ridiculously ambitious through ball at every opportunity – he’ll get the recognition he has deserved but not had for a few years.