Believe: Manchester United Will Beat Barcelona

An attacker with the defensive capabilities, stamina and ruthless determination of Park may be what many of the teams trying to defend against the Argentinian wonder so far have been missing. As for the other flank, despite Nani’s Player’s Player of the Year award at United, I would still go with Valencia. Valencia will straight forward run at the Barcelona defence and look to get balls in to the forwards as well as look to get the ball from them in support. He also turned Ashley Cole inside out against Chelsea in a class act. This would also leave Nani on the bench as an impact substitution or the legs to bring on to help keep the ball as so often needed in Europe when United have the lead.

Javier Hernandez. Chicharito. Saturday will be the biggest match of this cheeky chappy’s career so far. There is not much to say here that most United fans have not already said throughout the season.

Saturday could be his night. I’m sorry to put the immense pressure on him but Manchester United fans will be looking to him for a goal at some point during the night, I’m sure. The beauty is he can from nowhere make a run, breaking away from the defence at the crucial and perfect moment to bury a threaded ball. There is always a chance in any game of this Little Pea popping up to provide United with what they need. Something he has already done 20 times in his first season.

His name had to come into this somewhere. There is one very important factor in Saturday night. It is not coincidence when he plays better the team plays better. It is no coincidence when his season turned around United looked more on track for the title. Everyone will be looking to Wayne Rooney to drive United forward on Saturday. Against tough opposition, especially in Europe, especially away, Rooney has been played as a lone striker.

As I’ve already stated I see Hernandez as an important piece in the United jigsaw for the final and I do not think Rooney as a lone striker will get them anywhere. However due to the fact United will need to win the battle in the midfield Rooney will have an important role to play here.

He can drop back to get the ball immediately from the midfielders and look to bring the wide midfielders and Hernandez in to play or dare a driving run forward, as he does. Rooney when playing at his best has the ability to bring flair to a match from nowhere and this may be needed on Saturday if United find themselves with their backs against the wall.

Manchester United have done brilliantly to get this far and stand proud at the end of a successful league campaign. There is one more key component I have not yet mentioned, the best manager in the world. Hopefully at the end of an eventful season he can lead United to do what they couldn’t two years ago, take the game to Barcelona and bring the trophy home.

Good luck United!

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