Date: 23rd May 2011 at 10:58pm
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Carlos Ancelotti

"Puff, puff, pass"

Carlo at United?

Plenty of United fans have talked in the past about having a former Chelsea manager step into the hot seat (surely it should be sit down into the hot seat?) when Sir Alex Ferguson calls it a day. Now personally I’d rather we never had to see that day.

But unfortunately, eventually time does catch up with everyone, even Sir Alex. When it does, United will need a man of great character, a fine temperament, impeccable man management, tactical knowledge and experience. Some would say Mourinho is the Special One, well United are a Special Club.

For Sir Alex nobody is bigger than the club. For Mourinho I can’t help but think he might disagree. Carlo on the other hand, well even United fans like and respect him, and frankly, we love to hate anything Chelsea these days. The fact that Jose is ex-Chelsea doesn’t seem to bother many United fans because he’s a natural winner. Well, funnily enough so is Ancelotti. He’s also far less likely to run off at the first sign of trouble, throwing a king sized hissy fit along the way.

The fact is Ferguson is clearly an admirer and this has been shown again with his comments at the LMA dinner “Fantastic man who has shown great courage for coming to the dinner”. It’s not the only example this season, or last, and whether winning or losing against United, or any other team, Ancelotti has always behaved with grace and dignity. In fact, never has the class of a manager been so different from that of his club.
Chelsea, Abramovic in particular should be ashamed of the way they have treated a fantastic manager, I doubt United would make the same mistake.

Experience wise Ancelotti has had stints in charge of Juventus and AC Milan so clearly has experience of managing the biggest clubs in a country. Whilst at Milan he finished runner up in Serie A twice in a row (winners Juventus were stripped of their titles due to the Calciopoli scandal), he also won the Scudetto outright in 2004 and has won the Champions League twice as a player and twice as a manager. With Chelsea he won the double in his first season in English football.

8 years as Milan coach shows that he can last the distance working for a megalomaniac, so surely he wouldn’t have much trouble with a club whose hierarchy knows the value of long term planning and not just panic buying and sacking managers left right and centre.

People will say that we don’t want a Chelsea reject, but I don’t see it that way, I think it’s just a chapter in his career, a little experience of the Premier League that would stand him in good stead, and the way that all of his comments about United have been nothing but respectful mean that he hasn’t tainted anything.

Again, hopefully this isn’t a question we have to ask for some time, but when the time comes around, would you be happy with Ancelotti taking the reins at Old Trafford? For me, he’s the only former Chelsea man for the job, but what do you think?

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3 responses to “Could Carlo be the Former Chelsea man for United?”

  1. Republikofreplicas says:

    seriously fella……he’s made enough fuck ups with the Chelski squad this season….no way good enough to replace Fergie

  2. Sills says:

    Wow, I seriously can’t believe I’m reading a mancs site, but I think given how hard it is for many of us to have to see what the Russian and Ron Gourlay are doing to our club and its reputation on a seemingly daily basis, I personally wouldn’t begrudge Carlo for taking the job. The man is pure class.

  3. Jola says:

    admittedly he is a good manager, but i question his long term status, we need a manager who like SAF will continue to build for the future. his previous job at AC Milan is an example of what we don’t want, aging players being the bedrock of the club.