Date: 13th May 2011 at 1:52am
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Ji Sung Park

Could United's unsung hero be the key at Wembley?

With the chance to exorcise the demons from Rome looming on the horizon, Sir Alex is going to have a selection headache for the Champions League decider on May 28th.

It would be fair to say that due to his stellar season, Nani would find it difficult to find himself playing a substitute role for a third successive final, but the harsh reality of the situation is he will in all probability be warming the bench yet again.

Given that Valencia has returned to the squad, dare I say, in better form than he has ever expressed in a red shirt, it would be incomprehensible if he wasn’t marauding the right wing come kick off. With the right berth tidily filled by the slick Ecuadorian, the role of left winger is up for grabs, Giggs, Nani and Park being the obvious candidates. Having been at the hub of a great team effort against Chelsea last weekend, Giggs has developed his game into playing a more central role for the benefit on the club, which suggests that the battle will be between Park and Nani.

Though in truth, and unfortunately for Nani, I can only see one possible outcome of the tussle. I believe Park will get the nod over the Portuguese flair man due to his ability to grab a game by the scruff of the neck and stop Barcelona playing their usual destructively delightful football, which in the likely absence of a match fit Darren Fletcher is a very useful commodity indeed.

United need to accept that they are going to have to surrender possession of the ball more often than they’re accustomed to if they are to overcome the threat of Iniesta and Co in possession, and given his ‘big-game’ reputation Ji Sung Park is the man I believe can get under the Spaniards’ feet and disrupt their style of play.

Park isn’t renowned as a hard challenger which without doubt makes him even more suited to the role, because while the whole of the football world watched Barcelona’s shameful antics turn ‘el classico’ into ‘el travesty’, Sir Alex will have been plotting their downfall by way of new tactics which don’t allow the Barcelona players the chance to over simulate and dive.

Park’s ability to nick the ball from players whilst staying on his feet, coupled with his ability to attack and feed the ball through to Hernandez and Rooney, stands him in the best possible stead to prove his credentials come final day.



7 responses to “Could Ji-Sung Park Be The Key Against Barcelona?”

  1. Xaviniesta says:

    Looking forward to this one, best of luck to everyone, hope you all enjoy watching two of the finest teams go head to head.

    I’ll be enjoying with a cold beer and a big screen!

    Come on Barca!

  2. CROoney says:

    excellent article ! been saying for a week now that ji is gonna be a secret weapon against barca…not that much because of his defensive work but because of his ability to float around the pitch and cause trouble all over…he plays completely without any restrictions when attacking…one moment he’s a left winger and the other he’s attacking from the RB position…brilliant player !

  3. CROoney says:

    another thing – if we start with a more defensive line up, we’ll have a chance for a plan B if the things go wrong…i say start with fletcher,carrick, giggs,par and toni, with roo up front ( sorry chicho but you have to be sacrificed for at least the first half ), and if the things go wrong bring nani,chicho and rafa on…note – as you see i’d start sheasy ahead of rafa or fabio because of the experience…plus the das ilvas would get booked in the first few minutes as well

  4. CP says:

    Its hard to see how he won’t be out of his depth like he was in 09.

  5. Maccoy says:

    Well, i see park taking the jersey cos he was so outstanding last wkend against chelsea.i believe park and fletcher in the midfield wil mk it difficult for barca 2 operate.remember dat it was d absence of fletcher in d 2009 champ league final against barca dat made our midfield messed up by xavi and co.dis tym around i knw its pay back

  6. K Manchester says:

    Completely agree that with the absence of Fletch that we could do with a player with a player that has Parks stamina that will keep fighting to win the ball against the likes of a Barcelona side who’s best trait is keeping possession. Just hope it doesn’t backfire and he tires out (Although that will probably never happen) Really can’t wait for the game, not just as a United supporter but purely from a football lover. Should be very interesting, United are very much the underdogs and I think will all the diving and shameful antics that Barca will try to pull off, Most football lovers should be rooting for United to win!