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Chicharito gives United a ridiculously early lead

36 seconds. Ecstasy. As Ryan Giggs threaded a ball through to Park in the middle of the pitch who then played a pass that found it’s way past  David Luiz, with Hernandez having beaten the offside trap and finding himself one-on-one, clean on goal, he coolly slotted home giving Manchester United the ultimate start.

This was a sign of things to come in a first half where United played so positively, pushing forward and looking to where the next goal would come from against a shell-shocked Chelsea. Suddenly, the atmosphere went from tense to electric in a matter of seconds, paving the way for United to keep going forward, and being rewarded when on 23 minutes, Giggs provided another cross that was met in the 6-yard area by Nemanja Vidic to send the crowd into overdrive.

With the game settling, and Chelsea changing their plans after half-time, United found themselves under greater pressure from a Ancelotti’s side willing to take chances and were provided with a lifeline when Lampard pulled a goal back on 68 minutes. But it was not enough as United were able to defend comfortably and create yet more chances to score, eventually settling for a 2-1 victory, met by joyous scenes by players, management, staff and fans alike. And on what is considered a pivotal day in the title race, here are 5 things that may be taken from the game.

1) Ryan Giggs emphasised the quality of the midfield

He may not quite have the pace he once had, but Giggs continues to astound with his skill and quality whenever the ball is at his feet. Involved in the set up of both goals, both directly and indirectly assisting them, Giggs barely had a wasteful moment in terrorising Chelsea’s back four, continually looking to create opportunities and find ways to threaten their goal.

His cross for Vidic’s goal and his pass to Park that led to the opener were sublime and rewarded with their end product. Michael Carrick also deserves praise for his calm and self-assured performance that was intelligent in controlling play in the middle whilst Giggs was able to move forward into more attacking positions. Considering United did not have a true defensive midfielder was testament to how well they controlled proceedings and failed to give Chelsea room to breathe in the opening exchanges.

2) Ji-Sung Park does the simple things brilliantly

Park sometimes divides opinion among the United fan base. Some argue that he does not necessarily have the quality to match his work ethic, whereas others believe his ability to be so energetic for large periods of the game has proved effective for United, hence Sir Alex Ferguson’s regular inclusion of him in the big games. He also performs tasks that players like Nani would not otherwise be prepared to do, for example tracking back and defending regularly. Indeed whilst Nani would have provided an attacking edge and perhaps some flare, Park would be expected to run up and down the pitch, fighting for every ball he has a chance to win it and Sunday’s game showcased this, always putting pressure on the opposition, and making use of the ball whenever it was at his feet.

He may not do anything particularly extraordinary on any given occasion, but it would be fair to say that he does the basic things consistently well, and will always do what is required of him, rarely ever proving a let down. His industrious attitude on the left combined well with Giggs, proving effective in maintaining the pressure on Chelsea’s back line.

13 responses to “Five Things We Learned – United vs. Chelsea at Old Trafford”

  1. Come on man u you are rocking… Torres you are ‘bore us’

  2. RedScot says:

    The “five things we learned” Dont drink and support, Manchester United and post on a very fine article.That clearly needs a clear head to understand the 5 points.
    Thats one point for me.A pure simpleton.pmsl.
    Its just a brilliant night.

    • Zayd Jawad says:

      I appreciate the compliment, United were fantastic, really deserved it and could have won by more.

      • RedScot says:

        I Agree Zayd am a bit pissed, dealing with Dippers on various sites and calling United down.
        Disrespecting our manager in comparison to Bob Paisley.I wont have it! He is my hero, those dippers are so jealous of what he has brought to United and wont be repeated by anyone…there in lays the problem, like Scholes Giggs and the other Icons we have had the pleasure to watch.The big decision is on the bag burner, thank our lucky stars and good health.
        Mind I drink a drink for him.He is Scottish and he knows the Scottish temper.Volitaile agressive and pure winners.Thats my Club, Thats Sir Alex!

  3. Lee says:

    As SAF said a few years ago; this Chelsea team is ageing and you wonder how much better they can get. They looked sluggish and overran in all areas and there was only Drogba that worried me.
    Fantastic performance and not one player dropped th standard – we played and won as a team and that is a huge thing.
    I wonder who we can sign in the summer?
    Anyone think David Luiz looks like Sideshow Bob from The Simpson’s? He played like him too.

  4. RedScot says:

    @ Lee being slightly serious, if you dump your top players like Ballack,Carvalho, and your assistant coach Ray Wilkins , with no reason, you are going to fail!A club with a real intent does not do this.
    The summer signings is a different matter for United, so many names so many formations.Who would you like or imagine United will sign?
    I know the goal keeper signed, but i cant tell!

  5. BW says:

    Carrick and Giggs is an amazing central midfield partnership. It’s funny to see the TV pundits scratching their heads pondering the “lack of a defensive midfielder”, and wondering why the powerhouse Chelsea midfield trio did not rip us to shreds!

    Meanwhile, Carrick quietly pockets his 4th Premier League winners medal in five seasons and will shortly be playing in his 3rd Champions League final. And Giggs wisn his twelve PL winners medal…

    We all know Giggs is a legend, but Carrick is too, and he deserves to get credit where it is due!

  6. lamar says:

    this is more about momentum than anything. send barcelona a clear message. we are more than cristiano ronaldo. we r nothing to be fucked with.

  7. Baldrick says:

    6. We need to stay switched on for 90(+) minutes. About 30 mins into the second half we went to sleep for 5 minutes.

    Otherwise, well done United, you played like champions last night.

    Oh, and I clapped so hard when Chich scored that my hands we still tingling 10 minutes later! 🙂

  8. Anagafo Michael says:

    Am I dreaming? The weakest United squad in a decade with one hand on a 20th league title and a stone’s throw from a champions league triumph? This has taught me one lesson; football is not mathematics. Trophies are not won by how many marquee signings you have in your squad but by the grace of God who alone performs miracles.

    • Zayd says:

      To claim them as the weakest side in a decade is an exaggerated claim that is proved wrong by their success this season. You simply don’t achieve that success over the course of the season by sheer luck alone.