Date: 12th May 2011 at 11:51pm
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Chicharito celebrates yet another goal

Chicharito celebrates yet another goal

As Sir Alex Ferguson looks set to place Manchester United on their new perch right at the top of English football, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher have moved quickly this week to stoke the fires and suggest Liverpool’s first league title in 19 years is edging closer and closer and that Liverpool will be hell bent on taking the lead once again.

I for one however am not convinced. It’s now Sir Alex’s 12th league title since taking over at Manchester United, and the cries of ‘this time next year’ (almost Del Boy like)  have been heard from far too often from the scousers.

On the day that Dalglish signs a 3 year deal at Anfield excitement is always going to be running high with talk on Merseyside of a new generation of young players coming through that are supposedly ready to take the Premier League by storm! Don’t worry I’m not going to do a Hansen on us all and suggest they ‘won’t win anything with kids’! But would like to throw a few young names their way from our ranks here at Old Trafford that are in my opinion streets ahead of the likes of Carroll (22), Spearing (22), Shelvey (19), and Flanagan (18).

The first name I will throw your way is 20 goals into his first season in English football; Javier Hernandez. Just like Liverpool’s £35million (Yes, you read it right, they did pay that much for him) Andy Carroll, he is 22 years of age and looks a real goal threat every time he puts on the famous United strip. Maybe I’m being biased but when the great Pele says ‘He could be the next Messi because he has great talent!’ I think I’ll side with him.

As for the young full backs they’ve been boasting about over the last couple of weeks, maybe they’ve not realized we have 2 young full backs of our own in the Brazilian twins Fabio and Rafael. At just 20 years of age each and already over 100 first team appearances between them, the future is looking very bright!

We can now move onto out 2 young centre backs in Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling. With Rio Ferdinand missing most of this season and last through injury, it’s been these two that have stepped in to partner Nemanja Vidic and maintained one of the best defensive records over the last two seasons. These include games at the highest level, especially recently when they were paired together in the Champions League semi-final against Shalke to keep Raul of all people at bay.

Other young players in the Old Trafford system include Anderson, Gibson, Welbeck, Cleverley, and Macheda who have all been predicted big futures by Sir Alex. So yes, I can accept that things may be looking a little brighter than they were a few months ago, but please don’t be silly enough to suggest you’re the only club with youngsters coming through the youth system for the future.



54 responses to “Liverpool’s Future May Be Bright, But United’s Is Still Far Brighter”

  1. David Watts says:

    Great English Notorious…Love it – Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Quick lesson, its “You” not “Ye”…Anyway, too the point, unfortunately for the game these days revenue is key too success. Whilst United benefitted greatly with Youth development and the famous 92 youth team, it has always been underpinned by solid investment until recently, where Fergies genius has kept us at the top. Investment brought Blackburn the title and Arsenal (They would not have won without Vieira, Petite, Bergkamp and Overmars) it is the reason why Chelsea have been successful and why Man City will be in the coming years.

    At present Liverpool are out of the Champions League and need a new Stadium and a squad that requires investment – The new owners have promised investment, but what if CL is missed again next year? This is a possibility for all clubs as there are now 6 contenders for the 4 slots?

    Also, the so called “heartbeat” of the team – Gerrard and Carragher are getting older, Stevie G will not be able to perform the all action role of the past much longer due to the accumulation of injuries and Carragher resembles an oil tanker when turning now.

    So whilst Kenny has certainly brought hope and better performances (Albeit when the pressure is off) it is far from a foregone conclusion that a golden era will follow – Kenny is hardly a spring chicken either.

    As for United, undoubted debt problems and a few ageing squad members to replace…but even if and (Hopefully when) the Glazer Ponzi scheme collapses, they will always be an attractive investment. 76,000 stadium capacity, massive global brand, recent success, commercial deals signed globally….If The Glazers are forced to sell then there will be a buyer.

    This summer will be interesting for United too, it will test whether or not there is money to spend. A couple of key big signings in midfield are needed, if we get them then, along with the youngsters mentioned above the near future is bright.

    19 and counting

    • Jaminho says:

      “too the point? Key too success?” I’ll go with notorious’s English if you don’t mind, at least he’s not trying to be something he’s not. And we’ve played pretty well without Gerrard this season so by that reckoning, replacing a single aging defender is hardly worth sweating about is it now?

  2. Punit says:

    I am Man utd fan, but i do feel liverpool are going in right direction.. I see liverpool fans blaming their own players rather than blaming their managers like all other times…… but United is way far better in terms of overall strength…. Its been there year after year and that mental strength to to get past the final line is almost impossible for a team to have…. So liverpool may require another couple of yrs to challenge us

  3. Manc says:

    Notorious, you haven’t the slightest clue what your talking about. For one he’s not 73, he’s 69. For two were not that much in debt anymore and how do you know big investors invest into united and pay the whole debt off just like they did at your shitty club. This article is spot on, yes kenny has these players into first team football but so has ferguson but has them more experienced in first team football with a lot more apps, fuck king kenny.

  4. Red Rupert says:

    Liverpool should replace YNWA with WUGNS: “watch us go next season”

    they really can’t be serious – Ciddy are a bigger threat to us, never mind the usual Chav$ and Arse

    • jose says:

      or they could use TAWNY, “there’s all-ways next year”, which i think is fitting.

  5. Styles says:

    Think this guy misses the point of Liverpools youngsters coming through. It’s the fact that its only recently that a lot more youngsters are being integrated into the first team. Kids from the academy like Raheem Sterling are being given opportunities to train with the first team for a week, so the point is that Kenny and the rest are bringing the whole club together from the bottom up, not that we think we’re the only team with some good youngsters coming through. The Liverpool academy was useless until Rafa came in and sorted it out, so everyones pleased we’re starting to see the results of that. Just another United fan trying to say why they’re better than us.

  6. Marky Hull says:

    Do you man U fans want to win next year, do you want to do your team to do well, well see, unlike you we don’t expect are team to play without our support, thats what were doing, being supportive, plus it all went wrong when Dalglish left, it’s all going right when Dalglish joins

    • IanWilliams says:

      I remember Liverpool fans singing along to a Blackburn chant of ‘you’re getting sacked in the morning’ to Roy hodgson earlier in the season! Great support!

  7. Devro says:

    I am sure united fans sent Rooney death threats Great support

    • IanWilliams says:

      IF he went to City they said! And besides I remember your lot doing the same thing to Gerrard when he was half way down to London to sign for Chelsea. Hyporcites! How about only getting 35,000 to watch Bolton at home because your lot were annoyed with Hodgson. Gunna congratulate us on our title win today Bitter Boy? 😉

  8. kids says:

    Yes indeed? Is there enough alcohol in there to get them drunk?