Date: 12th May 2011 at 2:56am
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Jack Rodwell

Is it worth taking on the 'noisy neighbours' for the Evertonian?

Long term United target could be heading to Eastlands this Summer according to reports.

The Everton midfielder has been touted as a favourite of Sir Alex Ferguson’s but it seems City are attempting to launch their own bid.

The  Mail reports:

“Manchester City will begin preparations for life in the Champions League by bidding for Everton’s Jack Rodwell.

“The England Under 21 midfielder had been expected to sign for Manchester United this summer but interest from Old Trafford has waned in recent months.

“City, though, have been tracking Rodwell as Roberto Mancini reshapes his squad for the stiff challenges they will face next season.

“Everton have repeatedly maintained that they do not want to lose their best players and Rodwell undoubted falls into that category.

“But manager David Moyes will have to raise money in order to revamp his own squad and Rodwell, who only signed a five-year deal 12 months ago, would command a transfer fee in the region of £20million.

“Money is not a problem for the FA Cup finalists but they could try to tempt Everton with a cash-plus-player deal that may feature Emmanuel Adebayor or Craig Bellamy.

“Rodwell’s progress this season has been compromised by a series of fitness problems and he has scored only one goal in 26 appearances.

Although Rodwell is still only 20 years old and will obviously develop, I can’t help but feeling he has been over-hyped somewhat. Last season he looked far more impressive in the few games I saw him, than he  has when I’ve watched him this time round.

With the likes of Paul Pogba and Ryan Tunnicliffe coming through the youth ranks, do United really need to spend 20 odd million on a player who at times looks inferior- albeit at a much higher level- than either of those two youngsters? I’m not so sure we do.



4 responses to “Manchester City Look To Beat United For Midfielder’s Signature”

  1. jonathan says:

    It’s laughable to think City are looking for another CM, but the real issue is whether we need him. I guess it’s hard not to consider him if he indeed possesses the capacity to be a complete CM. But as you said, we have Pogba and Tunnicliffe, and the odds are at least one of them (and hopefully both) will make the grade. They probably won’t be significant contributers to our 1st team for another season at least; but I think we have the depth to manage until they’re ready.

  2. Wooderbeen says:

    I completely agree, Motty. Good player, no doubt, but I’ve seen little in him this year to suggest he’s going to be next big thing. Of course, I could be wrong (yes, on occasion it’s been known).

    I also think he’s a different proposition for City and United. I think City are in a better position to take a punt on him. Financially, we can take the hit if it doesn’t work out and I also think squad players like him are perhaps more needed at City. Mind you, even that comes down to money. If we sink $20m on a player that only ends up being a back up, that’s okay – I don’t know if United can say the same.

    I’ll be watching this space…

  3. Baldrick says:

    What really gets my goat is:
    “Rodwell, who only signed a five-year deal 12 months ago”
    If he signs a five year deal, he should damned well stick to it!

  4. Danny Salford Red says:

    Why dont we leak a rumour that we about to offer 40 million for Robbie Savage to convince him not to retire then simply sit back and watch the bitter blue noses then pursue him and pay 50 million for him? Seriously do they have their own scouts/ideas or just wait and see who we go for then try and top trump us. No class whatsoever.