Date: 2nd May 2011 at 2:54am
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I'll get away with it, I play for Chelsea

I'll get away with it, I play for Chelsea

How many more hits can any club endure before you begin to question the very fabric of our footballing establishment?

Sunday’s game at the Emirates was yet another example of why it’s become increasingly obvious the FA are determined United will not beat the lovable, media friendly scousers to that 19th title.

Michael Owen gets his achilles practically detatched from his leg a mere three yards from referee Chris Foy in the 88th minute at the Emirates yet the Merseyside born official fails to see it.

A day earlier a linesman doesn’t see Frank Lampard’s shot beat Tottenham ‘keeper Gomes, yet he pretends that he does. Then the other linesman in that game cannot see Salomon Kalou is a yard offside for the winner.

Go back a few more months and Martin Atkinson fails to send off David Luiz for a second yellow card who subsequently earns a penalty that wins Chelsea the game against United. Did I mention the fact that John Terry committed a blatant handball in the area that went unpunished?

Go back even further Fulham are awarded a last minute penalty against Chelsea and Didier Drogba is three yards in the box when Clint Dempsey misses but the referee allows the miss to stand.

Jamie Carragher savages Nani enough to knock on the changing room door and apologise.

Michael Essien commits a red card tackle on Jermaine Pennant and doesn’t even get booked.

Don’t even get me f*cking started on the inconsistencies of f*cking sweargate.

Last season, it has been argued by some  that, Steven Gerrard gave away the title on purpose and was rewarded with the England captaincy for the world cup. Oh and Didier Drogba was awarded an offside goal to make sure Chelsea won the title with a win at Old Trafford.

Go on then tell me I’m wrong………..



50 responses to “Manchester United Are Being Robbed”

  1. Diablo says:

    The gooners caught us on a bad day and we got well punished,maybe this defeat will do us good and get us back to reality.Arse wernt that good,we were just crap.we are where Arse and the Rents want to be,dont forget that!

    • RedScot says:

      Yer right mate, as many have said before, if you read the forum through! lol.
      Have a nice day…..Leave you with the Gooners to fight the United corner.
      I will look back later, see how you have got on? lol

  2. Liam Mottershead says:

    Hahaha, made my day reading these comments! We do get our share of decisions, but i don’t recall us winning any of our 18 league titles by scoring offside goals or having opposing players provide assists for our strikers. There’s clearly an issue here regarding Chelsea, as most of the attention before the game is aimed at who will referee it!

    • RedScot says:

      Lmao. I cant stop laughing, it was great fun!
      Sad Gooners, they enjoyed a brief moment in the sun.
      Must go, cause trouble elsewhere.
      The sad thing, I am probably one of the youngest United supporters on the forum.I got almost zero help.Cheers lads lassies!.I will remember that!
      I…….WILL…..BE…….BACK! LOL

  3. Gooner in Exile says:

    Amusing, vey funny post, i must say I’m glad you covered how many decisions have gone your way, lets see:

    Well yesterday there was Vidic red card and handball not given.

    And also yesterday Foy doing his best to prevent attacks building up first half, maybe Fergie had a word at half time to not make it to obvious second half.

    Then there’s no action taken on pitch or after by Clattenberg for Rooney’s assault with elbow.

    Oh then the blatant penalty at home against WBA with Neville allowed to stay on the pitch.

    Of course no one at the FA wants Man U to win anything, its so clear by the amount of decisions that go against you, that must be why Fergie has paid every single ref hailing from the north to give favourable results in your favour. Must have been a shock to the system that for the first time in 20 games you lost when Foy refereed.

    Worth a read for some pre match stats to see just how well you have done under this referee

  4. Justin Mottershead says:

    Wow! Lots of comments from both United and non-United fans.

    First of all let me address the issue surrounding Vidic’s handball. I can understand the referee not seeing that but how can he have failed to see the Owen foul?

    My point is, that similarly to Phil Dowd at Anfield, Foy simply bottled it. He chose not to give a last minute title winning penalty he knew he should.

    As for the decisions that have gone in Chelsea’s favour, I’ve yet to see anyone put forward a case that I’m wrong.

    People say ‘United get enough decisions’ yet against Chelsea that hasn’t been the case and I’m genuinely worried that next week it’ll be another case of us being robbed like we were last season.

    • ScotchEggsRule says:

      You weren’t robbed last season you utter mug. You lost 2-1 to Chelsea in a game that both sides had scored one dodgy goal each. Drogba offside and Macheda’s blatent hanball, meaning Chelsea won 1-0 instead of 2-1. how the f*ck can you be so ignorant as to not see that? Engage your brain before making a muppet of yourself, you in denial fool.

  5. time says:

    Yes I agree, your wrong.
    United had 90 minutes to score a couple of goals against Arsenal and didnt. Vidic clearly hand ball in the area. If we cant score in the game, making these desperate plees and demands for a penalty is sad. Score in open play in the game and win. Done moan about officals not giving you a penalty because you lost. grow up. The pressure is, beat Chelsea at home the title is ours. the question is are we good enough…………?

    • Jack says:

      good in theory but we did play rubbish and created a golden chance at the end but clichy took owen out, so we have a right to moan, not to mention the officials giving chelsea 3 points a day earlier.

      i would of much preferred no reason to moan but like with england in the world cup we can only look back and wonder what if

  6. Effanga` says:

    fuckin disgrace, and to think that the FA Chairman is from Man City kinda makes it stink. so many times decisions go against us n favour chelsea, how much more shall we see?

  7. goonermichael says:

    Oh the irony. Funniest thing I’ve read all day

    • ScotchEggsRule says:

      You’re not wrong, even better the mugs agreeing with the author, fu*king ignorant or what?

  8. BEL19VE says:

    RedScot; you are the man… “14 year old according to you goons”united fan, winding up arse fans and from what i could tell enjoying himself as hes doing it……and how about that chelsh!t match…..shoulda been 5 or 6 to their 1st legit goal in two weeks tho it needed a deflection on the cross/miss hit header/ then a tap in…….lampard hand ball, terry on valencia, ivanovic 2nd yellow…..webb swallowed the whistle so you goon and scousers can do nothing except bow……ps london goon; bet you enjoyed the stoke match 😉