Should It Be Nani Or Valencia Against Barcelona?

Well there’s one simple reason why playing both may be the football equivalent of inviting Adele round for Sunday dinner: Ji Sung Park. Park’s been a revelation this season and was sorely missed when he went away to the Aldi Cup. Thankfully he returned in fine form –eventually- to help spur United on in both the Premier and Champions league. Dropping Park in favour of Nani or Valencia would be risky to say the least.

There’s always the chance Fergie could use Park centrally but I very much doubt it, he seems to prefer him on the left with Giggs playing more central alongside Michael Carrick.

Park surely has to play, which means that either Nani or Valencia doesn’t. The smart money’s on Valencia starting as he’s more inclined to do his share of defensive duties while Nani sometimes seems about has happy to track back as your average man would be watching a double episode of The Only Way is Essex.

Nani’s nothing if not a match winner and could he have the same impact as a substitute or would he do what he sometimes does when brought on late in the game and simply shoot even more than usual and be even more greedy?

Valencia’s been amazing since his return and has not only given Rooney something of a boost but seems to have elevated the entire team somewhat. With Fabio, Rafael and John O’Shea all having their faults when it comes to defending you’d think Fergie would want to give them maximum help which should mean Tony V.

However when you’re facing the ‘greatest club side ever’* it may be taking a chance that wins you the game and starting with the livewire that is Nani could be the key to achieving what many believe** impossible

So who would you start for the game? Or would you risk both at the expense of Park or even Giggs? Comment below please:

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