Date: 15th May 2011 at 1:25am
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Some of our biggest and most vociferous admirers!

It’s official. We sit on our own perch. Inspired by the fans, created by Sir Alex Ferguson.

Years and years of hearing “18, 18, 18” will now be replaced by absolute silence. The silence which will give us proud supporters of Manchester United much satisfaction. The satisfaction in knowing that we are the most decorated team in English football history.

Tonight I will not focus on how the fallen has fallen. That was old news. 21 years to be exact. As I lift my glass of champagne to take a sip, I sit back and think of what a wonderful season this has been. We ended the season as champions. We showed the qualities of a championship winning team. Some moments of brilliance. Some moments of hard graft. Whenever we needed our lads to, they dug deep and found something. We deserved it.

For me it has to be full credit to Sir Alex Ferguson. The man at the helm of our club. The man no player wants to disappoint. The players have done him proud. It has been a real team effort. Every player played their part, each as important as the other. He has instilled the never say die attitude and the player carries it out to the letter. We never give in. We never give up. And this is what makes us Manchester United. This is why I love this club.

This season has been a season of comebacks. The comeback from last season when we missed out on the league by just 1 point. The comeback from losing Cristiano Ronaldo. The press wrote off the mighty mighty Manchester United this season at their own peril. They said we are “the worst Manchester United side ever.” Oh how wrong they were. They said we will struggle without Cristiano Ronaldo. Oh how wrong they were. They said we are a club in decline. I guess this season shows exactly how far into that decline we are.

So I dedicate this article to our haters. The ABUs out there. The ones who thought we wouldn’t do it. The ones who thought we couldn’t do it. The ones who thought we’d have no chance at all. We’ve been there, done that, and we will do it again. Bet on it.

DISCLAIMER: I am not promoting gambling in any way, shape or form.

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One response to “Raise Your Glass of Champagne to the United Haters”

  1. Baldrick says:

    Keeping the champagne cold till 28th 🙂

    I loved Giggsy’s post match interview.
    Q: People say you are not as good as previous United teams?
    A: Yeah, we won the league and are are in the Champions league final. We’re rubbish!