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Not long to go now...

It’s not far away now.  The biggest match of the season kicks off in days and Champions League Final fever is floating through our bloodstream…it’s in our pints of beer…and it’s gushing out of the shower head every morning and night.

The delight of securing our record 19th title is being put to one side just temporarily as Saturday approaches, and reds who left Old Trafford on cloud nine(teen) at the weekend will be up there until the final whistle at Wembley at least.

Here at Red Flag Flying High, we have a number of writers who like to share their views, and like everyone Saturday can’t come fast enough. Hearts may be starting to rule our heads a little over how we’re going to perform against a formidable Barcelona side, but are we brimming with confidence that it’ll be the reds who take home their 4th European cup – not the Catalans?

I caught up with a few of the team, and asked them for their thoughts…

Name Where are you watching the game? Why do you think we might win? Why do you think we might not win? Score prediction?
Nathon In a London Pub unless I get drunk enough beforehand to justify spending £1500 on a tout Because we are Manchester United and we fear nobody – don’t concede, don’t lose – very simple. 


Because of Darron Gibson.. (I love him really, and I am mocking all of the haters with this answer) 1-0 United, Rooney.
Tom Unless I am granted some magic wishes to use for tickets then back home with my Dad. If Fletcher is fit we have a midfield capable of breaking Barcelona’s down 


Barcelona can wind a defence up to the point of a sending off 


3-0 United, Hernandez x2, Park
Ian Wembley Barca only have one way of playing, and they’ve not got a huge squad so a long season will have mounted up for them! Their play acting could get one of our lads sent off. Man Utd 2-1 Barca – Chicharito, Messi, Rooney
Zayd From the comfort of my living room, possibly with a pile of revision material surrounding me Ability to keep possession ourselves, frustrating Barcelona by not giving them time on the ball Barcelona’s effective possession play, leading our own players to be ball-chasing the entire time 2-1 United with Hernandez and Park on the score sheet
Steve No idea, but not Wembley unfortunately Because Inter beat them last year, we beat them in 08. Barca are beatable, and we’re steadily efficient. We’re playing a team who can tear anyone apart if they’re not taken care of. 2-1 United. Hernandez x2
James In my local Valencia could be too much for their left back Iniesta & Xavi could be too dominant in the Mid 2-1 United. Hernandez with the winner.
Justin Going to Wembley ticketless! Chicharito- he’ll be the key Xavi- he could be the key 4-3 United with little pea to grab the 1st
Hayden On a big screen/in a pub with as many other Mancs as I can find when I get to London Our back 5 + our experience and will to win, this team doesn’t know when it’s beat and can defend fantastically well as a team Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Alves, Villa, Pique 1-1 FT Park + Messi. United to win on pens (I’m a sucker for punishment)
Andy In a pub. Not sure which one. Barca have rested their players recently, I have a feeling they may be caught cold (To a Point) Messi, The tears in VDS’s eyes as its his last game & good chance of us getting a red card with their acting. 2-2, Messi, Messi, Giggs and Hernandez. Then 5-4 on Pens; Messi, Rooney, Villa, Giggs, Xavi, Nani, Iniesta Miss, Carrick, Bojan, Berbatov. Phew.
Vikesh At home with some friends on the big screen! With rumours that Mascherano will play in a makeshift centre back pairing Hernandez could prove to be one of the key players in the game testing this unfamiliar pairing. Sergio Busquets is, for me, their most important player on such a night and given the freedom he will be the one running the show from deep spraying the passes. 2-1 to Manchester United with Hernandez and Rooney scoring for us and Pedro scoring Barcelona’s.
Sam Wembley Fergie will have learnt from our last defeat against them in Rome. Since 2009 we’ve got worse, they’ve got better. 2-1 united, vidic, hernandez, messi.  Unlike 09 we’ll get an early goal, then another on the break, messi will reply then it’ll be squeaky bum time doing it the hard way.
Saad I haven’t grabbed a ticket as yet but as I’m a Wembley lad I’m hoping a few mates who work at the stadium will sort me out (fingers crossed), if not I’m sneaking in! . I think it’s Rooney’s time to shine at a final. He’s had a difficult season and hasn’t been great in previous Champions League final so I think he’ll completely win fans around if he brings home Ol’ Big Ears! Barca are the best club team around right now and on their game it’s very difficult to stop them. 1-0 United: Rooney!
William In a North London flat with my brother Momentum Messi 3-1 United – Hernandez to score first.

So there you have it! The Red Flag Flying High team are unanimous in their choice of United taking home their fourth European Cup and not Barcalona.  It wont come easy though, and we all recognise that there’s things that go for us and against us.

What do you think will happen?  There’s a comments box down there – anyone you agree with?  Anyone you think are talking a load of tosh?  Tell us…

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2 responses to “The experts say United are nailed on winners for the Champions League”

  1. eltb99 says:

    We are stronger as team than 09, we deployed ron up top to do it on his tod with arguably one of the worlds best in the hole strikers playing on the wing.
    We defended like kids at times and acted like we deserved to win after demolishing arsenal.
    This year we are more united and i could see us steam rollering them if we play our best.
    The passing game works for barce when teams chase the ball but if we sit strong and force them wide it’s gonna be tough for them to break us down.
    And when cheech breaks he’ll break like a greyhound who’s crapped a bucket load in its trap.

  2. andrew says:

    “Since 2009 we’ve got worse, they’ve got better.”
    ^shows how much of an expert this tool is.

    but seriously, i hope we win in full time, penalties always scare the crap outta me :L