Date:21st May 2011 at 10:52am
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Rooney West Ham

"Oh hurrah I've just scored a title winning goal! How splendid."

More hilarity from the FA comedy store with news that the geriatrics Manchester City and Chelsea fan club masquerading as football’s governing body have decided to warn Wayne Rooney for his tweets.

The Guardian  reports:

“The Football Association has reprimanded Wayne Rooney after the Manchester United striker threatened a follower on Twitter. The governing body has written to Rooney to remind him of his responsibilities and warn him over his future conduct.

“He had a heated exchanged on Twitter during which he wrote to a follower: ‘I’ll put u asleep within 10 seconds’ after being provoked. Rooney claimed later it was nothing more than ‘banter’. The written reprimand is the latest in a long line of disciplinary issues for Manchester United at the hands of the FA.”

It’s funny because when Aldershot Town striker Marvin Morgan  responded to fans booing him, by tweeting: “Where’s that going to get you! I hope you all die.” I don’t recall the FA warning him although his club punished him with a two week fine, suspension and by placing him on the transfer list.

It seems the FA aren’t overly concerned with players like Morgan who can wish their own fan’s died without fear of any official reprimand. The clowns at Lancaster Gate, need more Manchester United ammo for their Wayne Rooney voodoo dolls.

It’s no suprise the FA have gotten involved really, pretty soon they’ll be punishing United for saying nice things about referees…….