Date: 9th May 2011 at 7:39pm
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Download Paul Hardcastle's '19' in time for the weekend

A campaign has been created today by United fans to get the Paul Hardcastle tune ’19’ to the top of the charts this weekend, to coincide with the likelihood of being crowned champions for the 19th time.

The word is spreading like wildfire through Twitter and Facebook, and it’s estimated that there’ll need to be 30,000 downloads before Sunday to get the tune to the top of the charts.

Hardcastle, who released the song about the Vietnam war in 1985 has already caught wind of the campaign and, despite being a Chelsea supporter, is fully behind it.  What’s more, he’s offering to put the proceeds towards a children’s charity.

Hardcastle said on Twitter: “Getting tons of new fan mail all from Man u fans, So this is your new anthem eh? simple download it from itunes and it will get heard again…it seems The Utd Fans are serious about about this campaign, I will ask EMI to put the proceeds to Charity, hopefully they will agree…Man Utd fans, I will ask for the proceeds to go to Charity To help some unfortunate Kids means more than football, that’s why I support this”

So all at Red Flag Flying High urge you to part with 79 of your hard earned pence, and download the tune.  You can go get it from iTunes here:

Update: in four hours, Paul Hardcastle’s ’19’ has climbed from 112 in the charts to 56!  KEEP DOWNLOADING!

Update – 7.30pm 10th May: – 19 is at number 17 in the iTunes chart….buy your copy NOW!


14 responses to “United fans campaign to get Paul Hardcastle’s ’19’ to number one in time for Sunday”

  1. Welsh_United says:

    Amazon have it for 69p for the cheapskates(like me)

  2. Akuji says:

    It’s up to 37 in the iTunes charts now. Keep downloading

  3. Andy says:

    I’ve heard the but ‘its about the Vietnam War etc’ then seen people getting very annoyed. Maybe instead of being the PC brigade you should think of us United fans as spreading a message of history. Football isn’t everything. Am sure their are people in war zones right now downloading this who are reds. Are they wrong to download it? Was Paul Hardcastle wrong to use the war for a song? No they aren’t because you wouldn’t know the average age of a solider was 19, if it wasn’t being downloaded right now. It’s spreading a message, its not in anyway hateful. If we as fans can spread that message while celebrating a 19th title. What’s the problem? That can only be good.

    • Steve Crabtree says:

      Always Look On The Brightside Of Life is a song parodying (new word?!) the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. No-one ever battered an eyelid about that one twenty years on.

      There’s a few who are being a bit too precious about the context of 19, but it’s only a song.

  4. Jack says:

    tbh its a fairly odd song to use for celebration but hopefully the money made will go to a good cause.

  5. Stretford end says:

    Money and message goes to a good cause. Nothing to discuss.

  6. GregO says:

    Done the lyrics – who wants to remix the track?

    In 2011 the Premier League seemed like just another title but it wasn’t
    it was different in many ways and so were the clubs that did the fighting
    At Liverpool fc the total number of leagues won was 18
    At Man United it was 19

    The shouting and cheering at Old Trafford continued today,
    But 30 miles west they signed on
    In Liverpool the average scouser typically served a 12 month prison sentence,
    But was exposed to crime almost everyday (of his life)
    Ni-ni-ni 19, Ni-ni-ni 19

    Whilst signing on a Liverpool FC spokesman said today
    Almost 720 smackheads were killed last week in the Toxteth area
    Throughout all of south Liverpool,
    The workforce lost a total 2689 scroungers

    All those who remember the score
    They won’t forget what they’ve seen
    Destruction of Liverpool’s pride
    When United got to 19

    According to a Football Association study
    Half of all scousers suffer from what
    Boris Johnson calls “Crying Thieving Scouse Disorder”

    Many scousers complain about alienation, rage or guilt
    Some succumb to suicidal thoughts
    20 years after last winning the league
    Almost 800,000 scousers are still claiming the dole and wingeing

    None of them received a winner’s medal
    Si-si-si-sign on
    Liverpool si-si-si-sign on

  7. Cal says:

    Maybe the charity should have been help the hero, i am also buying it i wish it was re-released on cd though.

  8. JONNY RED says:

    All those who remember the score
    They won’t forget what they’ve seen
    Destruction of Liverpool’s pride
    When United got to 19