Date: 9th May 2011 at 11:53am
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FA Cup

Believe me that hairdo was fashionable at the time

OK, not the kind of thing you’d expect me to write, as I barely have any interest in any other football team.

But it’s Cup Final day on Saturday, and we all pick a team for that one when we’re not involved, don’t we.

And for me, chastise me all you like, I’m rooting for City.

Why?  Well, go back 18 years.  1993 was the year, and remember how we had gone 26 years without winning a title?  The in-between years were awful; and it got us down as year by year we just felt ‘we’ll never do it’.

It was agonisingly painful and we hated it.  We were a different bunch then – we felt so hollow whenever we’d got to the point where clinching the title was mathematically impossible.

But then, that time came in May ’93 – watching Nick Henry score the goal at Villa, and the celebrations at Brucey’s house on Sky Sports straight after the final whistle.  It was ours, and so was the relief, the ecstasy…amazing feeling!

The next night at a sunny Old Trafford was immense.  Joy and euphoria filled the air, it was indescribable….and it’s something I think that every fan should experience, and that’s why I’m looking to City experiencing that same feeling on Saturday.

It’s been a long time since they’ve got their hands on anything at all.  A very long time in fact, and even though we’re used to picking up trophies left, right and centre, just thinking back to 1993 should be able to put you in the shoes of a City fan.  It’s time to do what’s right, empathise with City, and get behind them on their big day.

Yes, ok – they hate us.  With a passion.  It’s confusing, and I’m not really sure why.  They sing their anti-united songs, and want to fight us when we make the journey to theirs.  They forget that Liverpool are our biggest rivals, and we don’t care about them as much and we’d rather not have the ruck, just watch the game…but they still bear all that hatred.

And they have a fantastic manager who we should all be pleased for if he can be the one to break the duck and win something.  We should respect him to be honest.  And I also think that it’s important to respect our former players when they leave the club.  For me, they both deserve a winners medal this Saturday, and I’m hoping and praying that they get one.

I’ve got my hands on the FA Cup twice more than they have in my lifetime, and that can’t be right?  Not for a Premiership club!

So.  Come on City!  Put that trophyless streak to bed.  It’s been hanging round your neck since the 70s when you won the league cup.  You can do this, and I hope you do.  Tony Pulis, Ryan Shawcross and Stoke City – I’m firmly behind you to get your hands on your first bit of silverwear since 1972.  Make Saturday a perfect day for both of us, and win the FA Cup as we regain the league.

Yes.  That’s right.  Stoke City.  So you can calm down now.

You didn’t really think I was talking about the Bitter’s did you?  You gullible fool…!

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4 responses to “Why I Hope City Win The Cup On Saturday”

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  2. obdk says:

    i tot WTF

  3. jetelinho says:

    God – I was lost for words … my fault to ´eat´ it :-)) well done, COME ON STOKE CITY!

  4. Jacob says:

    good one! come on stoke city!