Date: 31st May 2011 at 5:38pm
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Paul Scholes

The finest midfielder of his generation TM

Spectacular Goals – Where to start? Paul Scholes, in his career, has scored many spectacular goals. His winner against Barcelona in the Champions League. His volley against Aston Villa in the Premiership. His volley against Bradford. I could sit here listing them all day. Paul Scholes didn’t score easy goals, even his tap ins were scored with a bit of flair.

Champion – Paul Scholes is a winner. 10 Premiership winners medals, 3 FA Cup winners medals, 2 League Cup Winners medals, 2 Champions League winners medals, 1 Intercontinental Cup winners medal, 1 FIFA Club World Cup winners medal and a few Charity Shield medals. If Paul Scholes ever falls on tough times, Cash My Gold will need to employ Securicor to collect his gold. That is without mentioning the countless individual awards he received. These awards are probably stored in a draw somewhere while his team awards get the shelf space in his home.

Humble – Paul Scholes was not interested in the individual awards, it was all about the team. He shunned the press, he kept himself to himself and he was a true professional. A lot of today’s players should take a leaf out of his book. He often sent other players out to the camera to collect his Man Of The Match champagne, such was his desire to stay out of the limelight. You didnt see him falling out of a night club at 3am, you didn’t see him getting arrested and you didn’t see him hooking up with a page 3 girl. The only time you saw him was on a pitch, doing his job.

Ouch – It sort of became acceptable that someone would get Scholesed every game he was playing in. It was not done with intent nor was it done with malice, but boy it looked painful. Paul Scholes is the most booked player in the history of the Champions League and 3rd most booked player in Premiership history, yet it is his passing and vision that Paul Scholes will be remembered for.

Likeable – I have not seen anyone ever have a bad word to say about Paul Scholes. Well, a few have had little pops, but it normally is coupled with a big compliment. Players from other clubs love him, fans of other clubs appreciated his brilliance and our own fans worship him. This truly is a one off in today’s game and shows how liked and how respected Paul Scholes is.

Era – More importantly, the end of one. The sight of Paul Scholes pinging balls 40 yeards onto a winger’s toe will not be seen again. The sight of Paul Scholes scoring a spectacular volley has gone. The sight of Paul Scholes jogging past the camera’s and the media after a game is now just a memory. Thanks to Youtube, we can re-live these moments again and again and see Sat-Nav at his deadly best. He can now pass on his skills and his knowledge of the game onto the next batch of Manchester United youngsters set to come through the system.

Strawberry Blonde – “And Scholes gets up Gingerly….” Paul Scholes, without a doubt, is my favourite ever ginger. He puts Chris Evans and Prince Harry in the shade (Where Gingers should really be, they burn easily in the sun) Scholes is the ginger guy that everyone loves. Our ginger ninja is a roll model for all other gingerists out there. He is their, and our hero.

Thank you for the Memories Paul. Thank you for the goals, thank you for the assists and thank you for the loyalty and dedication you have shown to this wonderful club. Also, thank you in advance for the great work you will do with the young players at the club.



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  1. hary says:

    Oxford dictionary should add “PAUL SCHOLES” to the meaning of the word LEGEND

  2. yinka says:

    paul SCHOLES the true MANCUNIAN. We will never 4get ur impact to the 19 EPL