Date: 25th May 2011 at 1:57pm
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David De Gea

The twenty year old is one of the brightest talents in Spain

With Manchester United’s signing of David De Gea, all but a done deal what better time to check out a video of the Atletico Madrid stopper in action.


10 responses to “[Video] David De Gea: His Best Bits”

  1. Natural Red says:

    I have heard and read so much about him.But,now I have seen what the rave is about – he looks the genuine article…

  2. red ali says:

    His hands are very good, but what set VDS apart from most keepers was his feet – control and distribution. Is he good with his feet?

  3. CanFan says:

    He looks the biz and hopefully will be an instant replacement for VDS and no repeat of the deluge of incompetence that followed Schmichael’s departure .

  4. john says:

    ive seen him a couple of times his a really good keeper but i have seen him drop the ball a couple of balls when there are hit low

  5. Maajid says:

    I remain unconvinced.

  6. Don Iyke says:

    Would have preferred stekelenburg but I trust SAF judgement. I hope he proves classic and phenomenal like Michael and Edwin

  7. Stuart says:

    Anyone is better than kusack who looks like hes been on the whisky everytime he plays

  8. Essi says:

    I have seen Stekelenburg too – this is a totally different class. I would be very worried if the dutch player were their choice. De Gea is a remarkable talent and his age shouldnt matter. There are many keepers today who started at a young age – now its Manchester Uniteds turn. And they will not be disappointed

  9. derek says:

    this guy is the real deal. I’ve been tipping him from the very beginning. I like neuer but he’s german and we don’t have a history with germans.

  10. Red Ben says:

    Of course, the worry now is that he’s started to piss us about.

    How can we feel that we’ve done a deal, only for it to rumble on like this, him saying he knows NOTHING about any deal?