Date: 13th June 2011 at 1:59am
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Antonio Valencia

Forget Maicon and Alves, it's all about Tony V

With Ashley Young looking a certainty to be making his desired move to the Theatre of Dreams most reports have been that it may be the end of Nani at Old Trafford.

With strong rumours that Italian giants Juventus and Inter Milan are both very interested in the Portuguese winger that impressed last season with the most assists in the Premier League. I will however pose an alternative ploy that could be in the manager’s mind.

I feel there can be room for Valencia, Park, Cleverley, Nani and Young in the squad to battle it out for the wide positions. Maybe I’m just be optimistic that we’ll keep the Player’s Player of the year this season, but see what you think!

Valencia this season excelled at times playing right back, especially in the game he was shuffled there against Chelsea! The alarm bells for this to be in the managers thoughts began to ring louder when the news of O’Shea and Wes Brown being sold to Sunderland came out earlier this week, with very little talk of any right back coming in to accompany Rafael in that position!

We’ve seen Barcelona dominate this season yet again with Dani Alves playing at right back, but spending most games as far forward as a right winger most of the time! Could Valencia becoming ‘United’s Dani Alves’, and offer us and an extra man going forward? He does after all pose almost the exact same qualities as Barcelona’s Brazilian right back with his blistering pace and crossing ability!

We knew after the Champions League Final at Wembley that there would be changes made by Sir Alex, with his mission to over throw Barcelona at the top of European football! Surely that means it’s tactics that need to be revamped as well as the personnel?

They said in the 90’s that we’d never beat a Juventus side with the likes of Inzaghi, Zidane, and Nedved. Being told you can’t win isn’t something Sir Alex takes too kindly too and usually gets the last laugh!



23 responses to “Antonio Valencia To Right Back In A Ploy To Follow Barcelona?”

  1. Segun says:

    Good article from a tactical point of view but the Da Silvas brother are destined for greatness on our full-backs. One thing is however sure if Fergie signs Sanchez in addition to Young, Nani will most likely be use as a bait for Sneijder while Valencia and Park will most likely lose their first team status.

    • jose says:

      Don’t see Valencia loosing his place, but could see him playing in the center, a bit of grit is needed.

      • Jorge says:

        If center can be an option, it can also help his national team, who currently lacks a creative player in the midfield since Alex Aguinaga.

  2. Red Ned says:

    It won’t work as people forget that when Valencia came to Utd he was a striker at Wigan. He is too attack minded to throw into defence, maybe on the odd occasion he could cover the RB slot.

  3. Ez says:

    I partially concur with you. But fact that we have Fabio and Rafael, your arguement is hard to implement. Our biggest mistake is to sell Nani…
    One thing you must note to beat Barca atleast must have players that can keep possession, both on their feet and to passes. That what Nani and Berbatov can do… But the likes of Valencia who have to kick and run, I pity our team. NEVER WILL WE BEAT BARCA… Unless we play players who dribble, keep possession. And in my opinion Nani, Berbatov, Anderson, Morrison And those to be bought Sanchez, Sneijder or Kagawa.
    Nasri will never come mark my word. And take a look at France’s Marvin Martin.

  4. Emmanuelson says:

    Valencia RB?NO WAY!

  5. ALABAMA says:

    We don’t nd agmt why valencia?what about d Da silver brothers.

  6. Man U need players with creativity. The likes of Young, Nasri, Luka Modric, Sanches and Schneider couple with Nani, Anderson Babertov. The worst mistake Man U we ever do is to sell Nani. Utd mist Nani at Wembly final.

  7. Tom says:

    Its an interesting option. I think Fergie is looking at versatile players who give us more tactical options. Young is a player that can play in three positions and Jones can play in defence and midfield. Valencia wouldn’t play there every week but in certain games, especially when we need a goal it can happen.

  8. William says:

    Why they love him so much it’s simple he can do exactly what they want him to do … anytime like a robot he has been force to play as defender even when he is a aggressive player… few player can do that world wide …also when he play in offensive he usually score perhaps cross a pass and someone score a goal Guardiola was worried about him !

  9. Moo says:

    Valencia is too predictable, good against mediocre teams, and yes bullied ashley cole once, but only need to look at champions league final, abidal has just had cancer, and probs had the easiest game of his life, one footed, no second outlet, yes good going back, but nani would’ve twisted abidal inside out, left foot right foot, trick up his sleeve, either put valencia at RB or sell him, nani and young would get into any PL team.