Ashley Young

Is the Villa winger destined for a starring role next season?

It’s been announced that Manchester United have agreed a fee and personal terms to sign Aston Villa winger Ashley Young for a estimated fee of around 15 million pounds. If your oblivious to the world of Twitter (and I’d recommend for your health you stay far away from it!) then this may have come as a surprise despite the heavy speculation of a possible transfer.

With two top class wingers in Antonio Valencia and Luis Nani, the big match player in Ji-Sung Park, the evergreen Ryan Giggs still going strong and with two starlets who are more then capable deputies to play on the wing in Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck it be hard to reason why we would need another winger, and a right-footed winger at that. However, when you look deeper into the surface it’s a very clever and astute signing. Heres some reason why:

1) Luis Nani hasn’t been as good on the left as he has been on the right: For two and a half seasons Luis Nani was the cause of much frustration among many reds, including myself. He obviously had bundles of potential, but at times he seemed to self-centered and everything he did on the field was for the benefit of himself and not the team. Something that the Portuguese winger echoed himself recently. However, since the turn of 2010 it’s fair to say Nani has been nothing else then sensational. Mainly because he’s been given more games on the right then he was earlier on in his United career. With Valencia out for majority of the season it was up to Nani to step up, and he did it emphatically. He was the top assist maker in the Premier League this season with 18 and he scored 9 goals himself. There was a period in the season where every United goal virtually involved the lad. Unfortunately the horror tackle from Jamie Carragher on Nani back in March has seemed to have dented the boy’s confidence and he hasn’t really been the same player since.

However, another reason I believe that Nani hasn’t been the same is that the week after Nani was carried off on a stretcher at Anfield, Antonio Valencia made his return from injury against Arsenal, and he has been a fixture on the right ever since leaving Nani pushed out onto the left where he has been very ineffective. On the right he is dangerous, explosive and a nightmare to defend against because he can either take his defender to the byline and cross the ball in, or he can cut inside an unleash an effort on goal.

On the left he is limited, frustrated and very predictable because of his reluctance to cross the ball in with his left foot, meaning he has to cut onto his right foot to shoot or cross. This signing doesn’t mean the end of Nani, but as a gauntlet thrown down to the lad to try and better himself even more and make the transition from on the verge of world class to world class.

2) Ashley Young is at his best on the left and is very versatile: One of the main complaints of this transfer from United fans is that he’s another right winger to add to the likes of Valencia, Nani, Park and Obertan. However, Young best form comes from when he is playing on the left. He will prove a valuable squad member as he can fill in the ‘hole’ where Rooney currently plays in, or if ever needed he can play on the right. However, for most of his United career Young should be playing on the left. Given time and space he will cut in and cross the ball or take a shot, however, unlike Nani he is more then willing to charge to the byline and whip the ball in with his left foot. Making him dangerous and unpredictable (sound familiar?). He also proved his worth in the ‘hole’ and if we are ever without Wayne Rooney for a prolonged spell (touchwood) then we have an more then able deputy and won’t have to change from the 4-4-1-1 formation which proved very effective in the final few months of the season.

3) He’ll add some more creativity and is a match-winner: Last season we seemed to be over reliant on Nani for a piece of magic in tight situations and when he was having an off day or wasn’t available the team suffered. As the season wore on the duty fell on Rooney to score or create a goal. In my opinion why we were so poor away from home in the Premiership is we lacked people who could change a game in a blink of an eye, at home with the backing of 70,000 + plus fans it was much different.

 The main reason we were so successful and dangerous between 06-09 is because we had an abundance of match winners. Consider the 2008 double winning team, we had the likes of Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney, Nani, Giggs and Scholes all able to win a match on their own. Last season we were much more workman like and had to grind out results on many occasions, something we achieved purely down to the character of the side. Players like Park and Fletcher rather sum up the United squad – effective rather electric – both have been brilliant for United but neither are likely to conjure something out of nothing.With Young in the ranks we have someone who can whip in a fantastic cross, score a goal and something we haven’t had since Ronaldo have the ability to take a deadly set piece.

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35 responses to “Seven Reasons Ashley Young Will Be A Great Signing For Manchester United”

  1. Diamanti says:

    Haha, Ashley Young is the most overrated player in the whole Premiership. He is English so everyone hypes him up. He can’t cross the ball, has no finesse or skill, can’t beat defenders and is just average. He also scores most of his goals when trying to cross the ball, and then claims he meant it!! Man United need a winger drastically as Nani thinks he is God and Valencia should be at West Brom.

    • Ryan Donovan says:

      Hardly overrated. Unlike most english players he’s very underrated. He’s 10th in the all time Premiership assist list. Albeit assists have only been taking from the turn of the decade still very impressive. In the last 3 seasons he’s averaged around 10 goals so he can shoot. Oh so because Nani is confident he must thinks he is god. If he does think he’s god leave him think it because 18 assists and 9 goals in the PL is fucking brilliant. Oh and Valencia should be at West Brom? The same Valencia that tore Ashley Cole a new one last month? Get off it just because he had a stinker against the best team in the world doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. He’s a brilliant player for United and was named in the PFA team of the year in the 09/10 season.