Date: 8th June 2011 at 1:06pm
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Charlie Adam could come to Manchester United

"Is this the way to a trophy laden career?"

David Yaffe-Bellany casts his eye over four potential United target’s he’d rather not see come to Old Trafford.

1. Ashley Young- The new face of the English national team, Ashley Young has been linked to United for quite some time now. The English winner was impressive last season for Aston Villa, and looks to have the scoring touch when playing for England. However, at a rumored seventeen million pounds, Young’s price tag is overinflated especially as I don’t see him adding anything to the United squad.

Arguably, United’s strongest department last year was out wide, Nani finally made the breakthrough we had all been waiting for, and Valencia was crucial to our successful run in after he returned from injury. Park was fantastic for the first half of the season, and despite spending most of the winter away from the team, he still managed to make a telling impression come the final few games. Fergie would be wise to stay well away from Young, he isn’t needed at the moment, and his signing would jeopardise Nani’s future at the club.

2. Charlie Adam- The supposed”master of the long pass,” Charlie Adam was one of the stars of the 2010/11 Premier League season. However, his mid season slump was part of the reason for Blackpool’s relegation, Adam was unable to stay consistently good for the duration of the thirty-eight game marathon. Priced at around eight million pounds, Fergie would get what he payed for in Adam, a poor man’s alternative to Modric and Sneijder. Despite pulling out several stunning eighty yard passes a game, Adam is wont to giving the ball away in dangerous areas of the field, and the Scotsman is too often sloppy while inside his own penalty box. I remember an ill advised header back against Birmingham at St. Andrews being indicative Adam’s defensive play, if he played for United, I know I would be absolutely terrified every time he received the ball inside our half.

3. David De Gea- From the moment Van Der Sar made clear his intention to retire at the end of the season, I made clear my feelings that an experienced pro needed to take over in goal. Players like Julio Cesar, Pepe Reina and Manuel Neuer have all played in the Champions League, as well as in a schmorghesbord of major international tournaments. Anyone of those three would have been ideal choices to step into VDS’ boots, but yet, Ferguson seems set to go with youth in the form of fledgling stopper De Gea. While De Gea has produced some stunning, highlight reel moments at Atletico, he has dropped some absolute clangers as well. Moreover, being a young player I doubt his ability to handle the pressure of the Manchester Untied number one jersey, a shirt filled in the past by legends like Van Der Sar and Schmeichel. Personally, I would have preferred for De Gea to come in as number two, so as to allow for a couple years of growing before he is thrown into the spotlight.

4. Sergio Aguero- Since seeing him play for the first time, the word “overrated” has been the first to come into my mind when considering Argentinean “sensation” Sergio Aguero. After handing in a transfer request, Aguero is certain to move on this summer, and I’m afraid that Fergie might consider offering up a large sum of money for his services. Aguero lacks consistency and his place on the fringes of the Argentinean national squad belies his supposed title as one of the World’s best players. Instead of wasting money on him now, United would do well to wait until his son is of an appropriate age, Maradona’s grandson could turn out to be just the man we need…

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  1. David says:

    Lool he was so wrong, young has been terrific and de gea is getting better, aguero has been amazing at city and Adam has fitted into Liverpool well, shows how much he knows about football