Date: 2nd June 2011 at 3:43pm
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Could Tom be Clever-ley used at Old Trafford next season?- (sorry)

Could Tom be Clever-ley used at Old Trafford next season?- (sorry)

Tom Cleverley has been tipped to succeed Paul Scholes by Wigan first-team coach Graham Barrow.
Speaking to The Manchester Evening News Barrow said:
“Tom is a very talented young man who is heading for the top

“I fully expect him to make his mark at Old Trafford and challenge to take up the Paul Scholes role.

“He is good enough and he’s a bit special. United have a fine player and a fine young man returning to their ranks.

“Tom has made incredible progress and he’s going to get better in my view.

“Nothing is a problem for him.

“He’s got the ability and he’s certainly got the application.

“You couldn’t meet a nicer lad. He’s been a loan player who’s given his heart and soul to Wigan.

“United may well spend big to replace a wonderful player like Scholes but Tom will definitely feature at some point now he is back at Old Trafford.

“Is he a better player since joining us? That’s an understatement – he’s given 100 per cent, he has oozed quality.

“I wish he was staying but you can see he’s one of those United lads who is going to be very special.”

 Cleverley himself added: “I’m going back to United looking to build on what I’ve done at Wigan and hopefully I can make my mark there.”


3 responses to “Tom Cleverley Could “Take Up Paul Scholes Role” According To Coach”

  1. HV says:

    Cleverly will definietly make an impact.

  2. michelism says:

    I hope he’s given some chance with weak teams in the league and of course,carling cup and probably FA Cup too.The boy has got talent!

  3. Abey says:

    yeah i agree with you, a special talent