Typically Poor Ravel Morrison Article Shows What He’s Up Against

Richardson then slips into sensationalist mode again:
“Just two days later [after his brace in the FA Youth Cup final second leg] , Morrison was at Salford Magistrates’ Court pleading for his freedom. Again he was allowed to walk free from court, but only after agreeing to undergo counselling for domestic violence.”


Let me make one thing clear, if I thought Morrison had assaulted his girlfriend- or more to the point if he’d been found guilty of it, then I wouldn’t be spending my time sticking up for him and would lose little sleep had the club decided to let him go. The fact is he didn’t and the true nature of the charge isn’t given by Richardson who seems to infer that Morrison was guilty but somehow escaped prison due to a form of deal.

A more in-depth look at the case from the Manchester Evening News :

“The court heard how Morrison had rowed with his girlfriend, with whom he had been in a relationship for three years, after an argument at her parents’ home in Salford on April 19 this year.

“He picked up her phone – worth £150 – and hurled it out of a window.

“Morrison – who appeared in court dressed smartly in a black jumper, tie and black trousers – was fined £600 and ordered to pay £100 in court costs.

“Tina Cummane, prosecuting, said the girlfriend had become angry after reading a text message on Morrison’s phone.

“She picked up his phone and threw it across the room.

“In retaliation, Morrison picked up her phone and hurled it out of the window.

“Morrison, of Davyhulme, had also been accused of assaulting the girlfriend during the row. That charge was dropped – and Morrison cleared – after the prosecution failed to offer any evidence.”

For the record Morrison and his girlfriend are still together and while it’s not something I’d ever condone, an 18 year-old rowing with his girlfriend over text messages and throwing her phone out of the window, is hardly the mark of rabid wife beater. It’s dare I say a somewhat normal occurence and although it should be addressed to ensure it doesn’t lead to anything more sinister, it doesn’t make Morrison as nasty as some would suggest.

The M.E.N concludes:

“Judge Feinstein was told in a report from the youth offending team that Morrison has a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.”

Richardson concludes his article -after a quote from a ‘United source’ -perhaps the flag seller from the top of Sir Matt Busby Way- which merely states Morrison must keep his nose clean in future:
“For Morrison, however, the main challenge lies away from the football field.”

Here Richardson and I actually agree, there’s no doubting Morrison’s talents, it’s just his choice of friends and attitude off the field which are of concern.

However as the Express article shows, Morrison already has enough skeletons in his closet for bored journalists to dig out old news and try and stick the knife in. The United starlet will have to get used to critical drivel like Richardsons for perhaps the rest of his entire career.

Read Richardson’s aricle here: : http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/250912/Ravel-Morrison-Manchester-United-starlet-s-on-road-to-ruinRavel-Morrison-Manchester-United-starlet-s-on-road-to-ruin#ixzz1OPSIsJIz



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  1. devro says:

    The guy is a criminal and should be treated as such just becaus he pulls on the red shirt of man u does not give him any special dispensation. He has nobody to blam but himself. let the lad go not man u stock..