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Paul Scholes goal against Barcelona

The Ginger Prince shows Barcelona who's boss in 2008

The transfer window will always bring the over-hyped gossip, however with the sad but inevitable retirement of Paul Scholes there has been extra speculation surrounding United.

Will there be a replacement for the midfield maestro?

The first name linked was that of Wesley Sneijder. Sneijder is a player who has usually taken up a more attacking role than Scholes did. Scholes would sit in the centre of midfield and dictate the play through his passing. This made Scholes a key component in the United team. Fans would spend large parts of matches with the thought ‘give it to Scholes’ running through their heads, knowing his vision would pick out a pass no one else could see, or at the least fire a shoot to challenge the keeper.

Whilst Sneijder is an exciting prospect for the United line-up he would not quite be a Scholes replacement. I’m not too sure whether, like Scholes fitted so well into, Sneijder could play in a simple midfield two. His typical role is to play ahead of the midfielders and behind the strikers, this could either see him playing as a frustrated centre midfielder or an attacking midfielder with a gap left behind him. This is why I am not sure he will end up at Old Trafford next season. Even if Sneijder does come to United he would not quite play an exact Scholes role.

The next ‘Scholes replacement’ lined up was Luka Modric. Again another exciting prospect with great passing and playmaking abilities. Whilst I think Modric could sit in a centre two more than Sneijder I still don’t think he will be arriving this Summer. The news that Chelsea had a bid rejected was not followed by news of United making a bid, and so it may be possible United did not value him quite so high. Modric has also expressed his wish to stay in London and so presumably ruling out a move to United.

One possibility, of which I have already seen many strong views from United fans, is that of Charlie Adam. Whether he played for a club who was relegated last season or not he did have a great passing ability and had Blackpool stayed up would have been the hero. Whilst at United he would no longer be a big fish in a small pond and may not out shine teammates as he did at Blackpool this may not be what United need. Adam would presumably be a squad player at United who could offer a different perspective to the midfield.

In my last article ( I wrote about the possibility of Rafael and Fabio being used as secondary attackers in a Barcelona-esque play. In this instance there may be no need for a Scholes style player. A more defensive player such as Lassana Diarra may be the favoured option allowing the attacking wingers and full backs more freedom when going forward.

Adam could be a useful squad player who could provide the attacking passing as Scholes did if needed. If SAF does opt to move for Adam then he would provide the option of bringing him on off the bench to change United’s style of play and give them options to attack from another area of the pitch.

I don’t really believe Ferguson is looking for a replacement for Paul Scholes, we also have to remember it has been a while since Scholes was a permanent fixture in the United midfield. The team is in a period of transition and rather than comparing the new players to the old I think Ferguson is looking towards a new style of team. If the big money is spent on Sneijder then this would be an exciting prospect but would not be a replacement for the Scholes role. However if this was not the case and Adam came in this would allow versatility in the team and the ability to change the focus of attack.

I do not think any new centre midfield arrival, if there is one, should be compared to Scholes. A new United team is evolving and we were lucky to be able to enjoy Scholes with him playing his whole career at United but now it appears it is time to move on with a new midfield set up.

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28 responses to “Why Fergie Isn’t Looking To Replace Paul Scholes”

  1. des says:

    and he shoots from distance and scores.

    he’s also a ferocious tackler.

    many tricks this pony has.

  2. JETELINHO says:

    @Why Fergie Isn’t Looking To Replace Paul Scholes – I do NOT KNOW … nevertheless, it is a bad decision (not only not to replace Paul, but in general, to add quality to CM, cause we def. do lack there – take 4/5 of our away performances in last 2 seasons as the best example, you do NOT need more). I DO trust in Fergie, there is NO1 hundreds miles near to him, no doubt, but still – Robbo-like, Keano-like or Scholesy-like player has been missing in the squad & the shorter this lasts, the better for United.

    Nevertheless, welcome at OT Ashley & good luck to you!!

  3. chika says:

    SAF should get lassana Diara, he is a very good defensive midfielder that can make messi very well and that’s what we needed. somebody that is very strong like him.

  4. 4evraYounginRio says:

    Some bloggers just write for the sake of getting views on their page. If ur gna write long articles get your spellings write and don’t be an annoying pessemist unless ur talkin facts.

    • Justin Mottershead says:

      its get your “spelling” right annoying “pessimist” and “talking” facts mate.

  5. Red Mick says:

    Why isn’t Fergie looking to replace Paul Scholes?


    He is simply irreplaceable!

  6. Ali says:

    Why not have a 4-1-2-1-2 formation with Rooney playing in the Centre Attacking Midfielder/Centre Forward position? His passing and shooting is stunning

    • Tom Daniel says:

      I’ve heard many United fans talking about the possibility of playing Rooney as an attacking midfielder behind the strikers. This is a very interesting thought but I just can’t decide whether it would work. My worry of this would be leaving too many gaps in the midfield unless the full backs moved up to support the defensive midfielder

  7. Paco says:

    Stop Talking Rubbish ! There Wil be replacement For Paul ! Its Just that Anderson Will PLay more and more and turn into a world beater ! He is just 23 and am sure that fergie also thinks the same ! So we don’t need any other player ! If a player wants to play for united he’ll express his desire and willingness to play for the club and money wont matter! Young,berbatov,Hernandez,Valencia,Evra,and many other players did it ! Not like Modric,Diarra,Sneijder or even De Gea ! Why rely on players that as if they are forced to play ? :\ I trust The United Players.specially Ando ! Love ManUnited-Play For ManUnited-Win For ManUnited-Die ManUnited ! !

  8. i personally believe we need an evolvement to a brazillian samba creative midfield.we need a ronaldinho-like no.8 from brazil with a touch of samba.its this playmaker that will keep the catalunians quiet for almost a decade.believe me with ashley young, valencia,nani, rooney ,chicarito hernandez balcazar, a fellipe melo like defensive midfielder,and a ronaldinho like creative midfielder, we shall make pay barca with messi pay their debts on their knees and it will be this man united to signal an end to their bright careers with barca.this is because we shall have raised the bar and barca will have to sweat about it.its only afe2 or 3 players with a fear and special factor missing.i dont think the mercenary in sneijder will excel more than Paul Scholes and neither will Luka modric.all we need is magic in the creative midfield role.we should also look portugal for such players.a luis figo like player would act as a cantona too good for messi.if we fail to get an ill-skilled but hard tackling Diarra, my plea to Sir Alex Fergie is to go in for FLLIPE MELO.i personally think that next time be it at oldtrafford or the camp nou and we shall disgrace the la liga.these guys have for years brought in quality and we have settled to develop average talents in the names of micheal carrick, fletcher,gibson,diaby,obi mikel,denilson it must be man united from the premiership to standout and rebuke the laliga because everyone in the football circles in the whole world knows who man united are in british have a rebuke to the laliga, we need 2 or 3 special players without a brand of mercenary.diarra and sneijder look mercenaries so i dont fancy them.

  9. RiLey says:

    A creative midfielder. One who can take on one or two players before delivering the final pass for goal. I always admire David Silva. We can get him now but we can go for Pastore. In SAF we trust.

  10. Lee says:

    I have been thinking of Berbatov as a midfielder. He can hold the ball, has vision, is creative, can pass the ball and can attack/dribble. The problem is will he want to play this role?